Trudeau to make guest appearance on Canada's Drag Race

Trudeau’s appearance on the show is fitting given that in the years since his election in 2015, drag queens have become ubiquitous in Canada, with drag queen story time at libraries now an all-too-common occurrence, and children twerking on the street with drag queens at supposedly family friendly events.

Mia Ashton / Nov 8, 2022


Governments did not use available remedies against Freedom Convoy

What tools were available to federal, provincial, and municipal governments to deal with the Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa this past February?

John Carpay / Nov 8, 2022

Opinion, News Analysis

EXCLUSIVE: Parents of 'trans kids' seek advice on sterilizing children, 'sex toys' for teens in Facebook group

One recent post was from a mom who wanted to find out what kind of sex toys to buy for her child. Another grieves the loss of grandchildren as her child is on the verge of being sterilized by cross-sex hormones.

Libby Emmons / Oct 22, 2022


Trudeau Liberals crushing of truckers' peaceful dissent was illegal and unjustified

This rather violent crack-down on a peaceful protest horrified people around the world, especially those who saw Canada as an advanced democracy which respects human rights and constitutional freedoms. Photo: Beth Baisch

John Carpay / Oct 15, 2022


WATCH: Lee Zeldin takes on a chess hustler in New York City park

The classic New York scene took place as Zeldin has been making national noise with a tightening of polls in the gubernatorial race, and a general sense in the Empire State that he might actually win this thing.

David Marcus / Oct 15, 2022


Politicians need to answer for Canada's excess deaths during pandemic

Since lockdowns were first imposed in March of 2020, Canada’s federal and provincial governments have paid little attention to the harmful effects of their policies. Instead, politicians and government-funded media repeat endlessly that “lockdowns save lives.” We know how propaganda works: when people hear a claim often enough, they come to accept it as true.

John Carpay / Sep 19, 2022


The dangers of centralized digital ID: Why government has no business knowing so much about us

In Canada, governments and private corporations are working together to develop the same kind of technology now used in China.

John Carpay / Aug 25, 2022


Milley, TRIGGERED by Trump BLM riot crackdown, wrote emotional resignation letter

The content of Milley's letter is extremely political, overly emotional, and indistinguishable from a screed you might find in the bowels of Tumblr or a Libs of TikTok expose.

Libby Emmons and Jack Posobiec / Aug 9, 2022


Globe and Mail blames Poilievre for 'dangerous rage' directed at Trudeau

Canadians' anger towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the fault of Pierre Poilievre, the Globe column states.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Aug 4, 2022


'Jewish' activists botch religious ceremony while campaigning for far-left Democratic congressman

Comments ridiculed the group, including asking if they would be celebrating Christmas in August to inquiring if the group has a feast on the Yom Kippur fast.

Ari Hoffman / Aug 1, 2022


Trudeau transportation minister SLAMMED over commuter train disaster

Those without cars or who are simply not willing to sit in traffic for hours to make it into the city are out of luck.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / Jul 29, 2022


Joyce Carol Oates calls out the censorship of white, male authors

"[A] friend who is a literary agent told me that he cannot even get editors to read first novels by young white male writers," Joyce Carol Oates wrote.

Libby Emmons / Jul 25, 2022


Court ruling a death sentence for unvaccinated transplant candidate

The safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines is far from settled.

John Carpay / Jul 21, 2022


CARPAY: Court ruling a death sentence for unvaccinated transplant candidate

"Rather than explaining why the evidence put forward by Ms. Lewis was right or wrong, Justice Belzil instead declared the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines is irrelevant to the case."

John Carpay / Jul 21, 2022


New York Times attacks Posobiec, conservatives over Biden's disinformation board disaster

Instead of blaming themselves or their own cluelessness, the Board did what the Biden administration is so excellent at doing— blaming anyone other than themselves for their own failures.

Libby Emmons / Jul 7, 2022

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