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21 hours ago

Literary agency removes woman after her accounts on conservative social media discovered

A literary agency announced the termination of one of their agents because that agent had used alternative social media platform Parler.

Libby Emmons
3 days ago

Clones and conformity: Why cancel culture keeps fans thankful for Morrissey

Morrissey has found himself slandered and targeted by mainstream publications who viscously criticise his words without even examining why he said them.

Fiona Dodwell
3 days ago

New York Rep. Bowman sees white supremacy in senate rules, the electoral system, student debt, and in nearly every aspect of American culture and governance

Bowman said that it was important for Congress to "stop spreading the myth of American exceptionalism," and to deal with the "white nationalism" throughout "all of America's institutions."

Libby Emmons
4 days ago

Trudeau’s response to Keystone XL cancellation will deepen Canada’s regional divides

Many in Western Canada feel left out of Canada, not simply in an electoral sense, but due to the behaviour of the federal government.

Spencer Fernando
7 days ago

Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire just released their own movie and it's really good

"Run Hide Fight" follows a high school sieged by a quartet of school shooters.

Angelo Isidorou
8 days ago

O'Toole's removal of Sloan is the kind of dishonesty that makes people despise politics

He already has the leadership of the party, and is seeking to undo his previous "True Blue" branding and reframe himself and the party as centrists.

Spencer Fernando
9 days ago

BLM brings radical curriculum to public schools for MLK day

BLM has taken a national holiday and turned it into a day of promoting their radical ideology and indoctrinating children with progressive, socialist, and Marxist values.

Ari Hoffman
10 days ago

CENSORSHIP: CNN discusses plans to ban conservative news organizations, influencers

"Disinformation expert" Alex Stamos and CNN's Brian Stelter discussed how communications companies need to be more proactive in preventing conservative news outlets and influencers from reaching people in a particularly Orwellian segment on Reliable Sources today.

James Anthony
13 days ago

The coup was in Silicon Valley

A handful of unelected, billionaire, elites in Silicon Valley took it upon themselves to decide that they alone have a right to control the exchange of information between 330,000,000 American citizens.

Jeremy Kauffman
13 days ago

New Onision documentary on Discovery+ uses alleged victims’ stories against their will

Discovery’s new streaming service, Discovery+ recently released a docuseries on the YouTuber Onision, who has risen to infamy in recent years over allegations of sexual misconduct and grooming of young girls.

Blaire White
13 days ago

Trudeau's new taxes add insult to economic injury

Trudeau's plan to ramp up Taxes & regulations during an economic crisis is a surefire recipe for disaster.

Warren Steinley
13 days ago

Exemption for Meng Wanzhou's family once again shows there's one set of rules for the elites, and another for the rest of us

According to the government, “Ms. Meng’s family was authorized by IRCC officials to travel to Canada.”

Spencer Fernando
15 days ago

Trudeau kicks off 2021 with brand new tax hike for Canadians

The government wants to bring an end to life as you know it. The Clean Fuel Standard and the Carbon Tax were specifically designed to drastically change your behaviour.

Jeremy Patzer
20 days ago

Canada's hypocritical politicians are drunk with power, and we must take that power away from them

While they tell us to stay home, they travel overseas. While they tell us to avoid our families, they gather with their families.

Spencer Fernando
22 days ago

Cosmopolitan calls obesity 'healthy' during a pandemic

Cosmopolitan magazine, who routinely features fat positivity stories and covers, is facing backlash on Twitter for the release of images that some find inappropriate in the midst of a pandemic.

Blaire White

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