Celebrities have confirmed their total worthlessness in the face of major social issues

Hollywood celeb culture once held sway because we imbued it with power. What the current crises have shown us is that this power is ours to take back.
Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson Montreal, QC

Celebs struggled and failed to find their place in the coronavirus era, and now they’re flailing about trying to maintain any semblance of relevance during the protests that are rocking the nation. Undaunted, they keep trying.

In this complete clip from ITakeResponsibility.Org, these celebs have declared that they take personal responsibility for people of colour who have been killed by police.

Each one admits “I take responsibility,” and goes on to say that they “stand against hate.”

It’s not clear how they will be doing that, but what is clear is that clippy, quippy videos have been their prior method of getting their messages, and faces, out there as well.

Back in the time of coronavirus, celebs were serenading us from their living rooms and luscious back gardens with a group renditions of John Lennon’s Imagine.

Then they threw all their money together to bail protestors, rioters, and Antifa out of jail.

Chrissy Teigen, Steve Carell, Seth Rogan, Don Cheadle, Kehlani, Colin Kaepernick, Ben Schwartz, Janelle Monae, Harry Styles, LeBron James, Patton Oswalt, Blake Lively, Nick Kroll, Rob Delaney, Halsey, Cynthia Nixon, and others have promised their funds to the cause.

While we haven’t seen celebrities in Swarovski encrusted masks out there chanting “no justice no peace,” we have seen them signal their virtue on social media by announcing their donations to bail funds set up for rioters and protestors who are arrested as a result of their unlawful actions.

And of course, we saw Alyssa Milano wearing a lovely, crocheted face mask that wouldn’t stop a beach ball from getting through. But since it was all about the photo op, letting everyone know that she’s being a good girl and following the rules, she can be forgiven that I suppose. After all, wasn’t she one of the ones who posted a brave no-makeup selfie?

The thing about these celebs is that while they lecture to us from the height of their large contracts, while they spill their money to causes as a means to assuage their guilt, it will never read as anything other than an opportunistic attempt to make themselves the focal point of the national story.

They are simply pimping themselves out to us on social media with living room concerts, bail money, and meaningless affirmations. They’re not taking any heat for this, they are going with the flow, they are acquiescing to whatever the going opinion is. If they actually cared about these causes, they wouldn't have needed social pressure to show it.

Showing their softer side and lovely abodes by doling out acoustic renditions of once beloved songs during the height of coronavirus, or showing us how much they care about not spreading the contagion by staying quarantined and self-isolated in their Hollywood Hills homes, reveals the depths of their self-absorption.

Now that the coronavirus crisis has been replaced with the protests turned riots crisis, the white ones are apologizing for their whiteness. Putting out a video of yourself and a bunch of other entertainers uttering your mea culpas in your most sincere voice must be the definition of privilege, and I mean that in the wokest possible sense.

But the truth is, these celebs are not heroes. Celeb compassion for world problems during confinement and protest is such an obvious play for attention. It’s always been the case that most celebrities are simple-minded narcissists, but the current crises and social issues that America is grappling with have amplified this fact to the point where we cannot simply purposefully ignore it anymore.

This amplification of the overwhelming mediocrity of the modern celebrity does serve one vital purpose though—it also reveals the precious few intelligent, free-thinking stars among us. For every ten Alyssa Milanos, there is one JK Rowling or Ricky Gervais—that rare individual who manages to preserve their sanity, common sense, and bravery to actual speaks out against the woke orthodoxy that’s taken hold of their weak-minded peers.

For the most part, the public doesn’t care what celebrities have to say about social issues and politics. The election of Trump despite very single celebrity shilling for Hillary should have made that crystal clear. In fact, it did for reasonably intelligent people. The celebrities, however, just shrieked louder and now here we are.

Hollywood celeb culture once held sway because we imbued it with power. What the current crises have shown us is that this power is ours to take back. When celebs get on their social media PSAs and tell us all about our original sin with the same earnestness with which they demanded we “get out the vote” or “just say no,” we should scoff at their hypocrisy as they lecture us from their mansions.

No one has time for these people anymore, and that’s fine; it’s good, in fact. Just a note: be kind. As we’re out here excoriating celeb culture, as well we should, have a heart for those poor, unsung heroes, those Hollywood celebs who will start to wonder if they even exist if no one’s watching.

If a celebrity cries in their mansion and there’s no one to hear them whine, did it even happen? The correct answer, as we are discovering, is "who cares?"

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson
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