Central Park 'Karen' who lost her job and dog is Canadian

A woman walking with her dog through Central Park, now known to the internet as, "Karen" has gone viral after she called the cops on a stranger in the par

A woman walking her dog in Central Park's iconic Ramble, who ended up doxed, jobless, and without a dog, is Canadian. Amy Cooper, the internet's latest Karen, found herself the subject of social media hate when a video emerged of her threatening to call the police on an "African American man." This according to the New York Post.

What was not initially apparent but soon became clear was that the man, Christian Cooper, had instigated the conversation with Amy Cooper (no relation), in asking her to leash her dog as the pair wandered the winding paths of the tree canopied Ramble.

Christian, a birdwatcher, noted on Twitter that he often finds it necessary to ask dog owners to leash their pets. This is such a common occurrence, apparently, that he keeps dog treats in his pockets to lure unleashed dogs away from their owners. This, he feels, will encourage owners to not spare the leash.

Amy Cooper was branded a Karen. Her actions have been qualified as racist, and while videos of the verbal kerfuffle have been viewed over 29 million times, she is left with nothing.

It was after the dog treats were offered that this Canadian Karen made her play to call the cops. "There's an African-American man threatening my life," she told dispatchers. Although by the time officers arrived, neither Cooper was there.

Some parts of Central Park do allow for a dog to be off leash but not The Ramble. After Christian Cooper asked her to leash her dog and she refused, he began to film her reaction.

"I'm in The Ramble, and there is a man — African-American, he has a bicycle helmet — he is recording me and threatening me and my dog," said the Karen, all while wrangling around her now leashed dog by the collar.

The video cuts off and fortunately things don't appear to escalate beyond that. When police arrived on the scene both individuals had already left the area. Unfortunately for Amy Cooper, she has been forever "Karened" and has since lost her job at Franklin Templeton Investments.

The firm tweeting, “Following our internal review of the incident in Central Park yesterday, we have made the decision to terminate the employee involved, effective immediately. We do not tolerate racism of any kind at Franklin Templeton,”

In addition to that, she was also forced to return her dog to the shelter where she had adopted it from once the video went viral.

Since the video has exploded, Cooper went on to CNN to both apologize and say that she was "Just scared," because she was walking alone and that she is in fact not a racist, despite how bad the whole video looks.

A 'Karen' is an internet term for a middle-aged white woman who calls the cops of people for no apparent reason, or as the Urban Dictionary puts it: