Chappelle shines a light on the reality that trans ideologues want everyone to ignore

Photo credit: John Fredricks, Epoch Times. West coast, lesbian, feminist-activist Joey Brite was among these counter protestors at Netflix HQ when a sign was grabbed by a trans activist.

Jennifer Bilek New York NY

West coast, lesbian, feminist-activist Joey Brite was among these counter protestors at Netflix HQ this week when a sign was grabbed by a trans activist. In a spontaneous moment, Brite ran to take back her sign, the symbol of womanhood at a protest against free-speech.

Women will not allow rich, white men, capitalizing on our humanity & sexed reality to run away with our womanhood or our speech. However big these capitalist marauders are, we will stop them.

A protest on Wednesday outside Netflix headquarters in LA, where trans activists staged a “walkout” over the streaming giant’s defense of comedian Dave Chappelle’s special “The Closer,” drew counter protestors as well. Some held signs reading “Jokes are funny,” while others, namely gender critical feminists, expressed their support for Chappelle’s assertion that he is “Team TERF.”

This acronym, standing for “trans exclusionary radical feminist,” has been used as a slur, but it essentially describes those who believe in the reality of biological science, and that male and female are distinct entities that cannot become the other simply through medical procedure and the application of pharmaceuticals. Additionally, these gender critical feminists do not believe that “gender self-ID,” wherein a person determines that their brain is “sexed” one way while their body is another, is something that should have any legal baring.

This outstanding image, spontaneously caught by an Epoch Times photographer, John Fredricks on October 20th, encapsulates so much of what is happening today, around the gender agenda being framed as a human rights movement.

West coast, lesbian, feminist-activist Joey Brite was among these counter protestors when a sign was grabbed by a trans activist. In a spontaneous moment, Brite ran to take back her sign, the symbol of womanhood at a protest against free-speech.

The protestors, both employee activists and trans activists who do not work for Netflix expressed support for the ideology that there are more than two sexes, had gathered to protest Dave Chapelle being funny about their ideology.

A gender non-conforming biological male wearing a dress tried to steal the sign from a fellow protestor of Brite’s, which Brite ran to reclaim. Brite is a self-professed cinephile and geek for the visual, as well as its effects on popular culture, so the opportunity for a great optic, though spontaneous, did not escape her as she leapt after the 6’5” man with her 5’2” frame, to reclaim womanhood and speech, nearly single-handedly, as masked on-lookers watched. The gesture is almost poetic, it’s so graceful.

The fact that this was outside a Netflix protest that was being covered by all mainstream media, regarding a war on our free speech, was an outstanding opportunity to move the subject of trans ideology out of the "women's issue" box.

We need to explode this box. Women have been speaking out, wherever we can get a platform, about the gender agenda takeover of schools, universities and the medical industry, the danger to women’s rights and safety, statistics gathered by sex, and the harms to young people’s healthy bodies. Our cries fall mostly on deaf ears. These issues do not fit into the pop-culture madness that saturates America.

Controversy over biological men being allowed to compete in women’s sports categories recently moved the needle somewhat in terms of media and public opinion regarding the idea that biological men can be considered to be a woman of any kind, and the public’s awareness of just how deeply it has affected women and American institutions.

Chappelle did what even the Olympic tennis star Martina Navratilova and internationally acclaimed author, JK Rowling couldn’t do in terms of exploding the box relegating this to an issue of “women’s rights versus ‘trans’ rights” to one about the nature of reality itself. Both Navratilova and JK Rowling also spoke out previously, framing the issue as a women’s rights issue, so though it was covered by mainstream media, it was done so in the context of framing them as privileged, white woman whining about safe spaces, and women’s sports, when a marginalized group of people were being oppressed the world over.

It is a ridiculous narrative when young men and women involved in a cultish, faith-based movement promoting body dissociation as a lifestyle are being supported by international governments, multinational corporations, banks and law firms, global human rights organizations, Big Tech, Big Pharma and the mainstream media, acting in synchronicity to drive a narrative of an oppressed, homogenized group, when no such group exists.

Some men and women are choosing, unwisely, to take wrong sex hormones for their bodies, and to alter and/or remove their sex organs. The rest is a corporate ad campaign for body dissociation posing as human rights.

With the overt censorship of a black, male comedian’s speech being called for by the foot soldiers of a rich, white men’s movement who have framed themselves as a marginalized group, the world has been let into the tyrannical world of gender ideology politics, and shown the threat residing there. Chappelle has done what no one else has been able to accomplish, and Netflix provided that platform. Suddenly the danger and absurdities are hitting home.

Men took to social media, decrying this censorship of Chappelle and making fun of the activists fronting for the gender agenda and Joe Rogan, popular comedian and podcaster came out in support of Chappelle.

Chappelle has given everyone permission to say the unsayable, and they are saying it, and they are laughing. They are laughing because this agenda is comedy-gold and no one has been tapping it, for fear of the very ridicule some are slinging at Chappelle. This time it isn’t sticking, and Chappelle has doubled down. He is not only too big to cancel, he understands the subtext of the issue and has called it out.

“All this talk about how people feel inside. Since when has America given a shit about how any of us feel inside?” Chappelle said in the special. “And I cannot shake the suspicion that the only reason everybody is talking about transgenders is because white men want to do it. That’s right. I just said it. If it was just women that felt that way or black dudes and Mexican dudes being like, ‘Hey ya’all, we feel like girls inside,’ they’d be like ‘Shut up n*gg*r. No one asked how you felt. Come on everybody, we have strawberries to pick.’ It reeks of white privilege. You never asked yourself why it is easier for Bruce Jenner to change his gender than it was for Cassius Clay to change his f*cking name?”

Chappelle is opening the door to having the conversations that should have been happening years ago. What is going on in this white man’s agenda and what exactly are they selling us? The fact that Brite is wearing an 11th Hour Blog t-shirt (full disclosure: the blog is mine, where I write about the intersections of transgenderism, capitalism and technology), highlights for the world, what is actually being fought here, where the fight really lies.

This is a war between cold blooded corporatists and reality. This is everyone’s fight. Human sex is being colonized and you are not allowed to discuss this, whomever you are. The t-shirt advertises one of my favorite hashtags about capitalism. It has brought the money right out into the open. There are too few people working against this agenda that understand strategy, optics, the time we are living in, in America, where pop culture has saturated EVERYTHING. Joey Brite is one of those people and the fact she seized the moment is to her vast credit.

Netflix Co, Chief Executive, Ted Sarandos, gently walking back his fierce pronouncements about Netflix supporting free speech, cowing to the LGBT lobby, has been placed in a very interesting position. He must either face up to the Cosa Nostra that the LGBT lobby has become, or part with the money that Chappelle is, has and will be bringing with viewers who are currently selling out his shows.

There will be no putting this genie back in the bottle, and the “women’s issue” box has been blown to smithereens. There is a small window left for us to act against this tyranny, together. Men are finally sitting up and taking notice that is so much bigger than they thought it was. Let’s follow Brite’s lead and not waste this moment.


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