Grocery licker arrested at Safeway

Jennifer Walker was arrested for licking $1,800 worth of groceries in a Safeway. The contaminated items were deemed unsellable and had to be thrown out.

Jennifer Walker, 53, was arrested in South Lake Tahoe on Tuesday for licking $1,800 worth of groceries in a Safeway. Employees told the authorities that Walker put scooped up jewelry items from shelves and licked them before loading up her shopping cart with more merchandise.

Walker was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism with bail set at $10,000. This after the police determined Walker did not have the funds to pay for the items she had damaged with her potentially deadly saliva.

The contaminated items were deemed unsellable and had to be thrown out.

This grocery licking trend was well-known before the pandemic. Millennials licked tubs of ice cream and gargled mouthwash for social media fame, grossing out grocery store patrons across the globe. But it has now become a potentially deadly act, as asymptomatic lickers could endanger other patrons.

According to Metro UK, these acts were perpetrated by those who, whether consciously or subconsciously, wish to make a political statement. There is no consensus on just what they think they're doing now.

One possible reason millennials are thought to act out in this way is due to the fact that they “earn less, save less, and invest less” than older generations. It is tough to find a fulfilling job and the prospect of owning property is nearly non-existent. With high unemployment rates and tanking global economies, these trends are likely to worsen.

Twitter user “Bam” last year captioned their mouthwash video with “you bitches with no oral hygiene could take a hint.”

Shilo Greaves, the tea-spitter, allegedly committed this atrocity for a wrestling promotional video. Although it is unclear how publicly spitting in a jug of iced tea was necessary for a wrestling promotional video, that was the stated reason.

In a world where social distancing and stay-at-home orders are ubiquitous, and trips to the grocery store involve wearing hazard gear, these scofflaws who lick groceries and merchandise hinder public health efforts. Now shoppers must content with the fact that essential products needed for survival may be contaminated with another’s saliva.