Iranian-Canadians, community leaders mourn victims of flight 752 in Montreal

Iranian-Canadians and community leaders gathered at the Iranian Islamic Centre in Montreal to honour the 176 lives lost in the recent tragic missile attack.
Barrett Wilson Montreal, QC

Iranian-Canadians and community leaders gathered Thursday night at the Iranian Islamic Centre of Montreal to commemorate the lives lost in the tragic shooting down of Ukranian flight 752 by Iranian missiles.

Those who attended included Mayor of Lachine/Lasalle/Dorval, Maya Vodanovich; Assistant of Mayor of Pierrefonds, Sophie Mohsen; MP of Lachine, Anju Dhillon; City councillor for Lachine, Michele Flennery; and  Imam Saleh Sibeveih, Director and Cleric of the Islamic Centre of Montreal Canada and Zurich Switzerland.

Imam Saleh Sibeveih spoke at the solemn gathering, one of many such gatherings across Canada during this time of mourning for the 176 victims of the murderous act by the Iranian regime.

The Islamic Centre of Montreal is an orthodox Islamic Centre and cannot be dismissed as fringe or discredited by the Iranian regime.

Barrett Wilson
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