Liberal candidate drops Trudeau name and switches to blue on pamphlets

Gary Gladstone appears to have dropped all references to Trudeau.

As the election campaign continues into its last week, and the polls show a rapidly tightening race, the Liberal candidate for Thornhill appears to have dropped all references to Trudeau.

According to multiple social media users, Gary Gladstone switched his campaign brochures from a Liberal red front with Trudeau’s name to a Conservative blue and one that distinctively swapped the leader’s name for the Liberal party itself.

The move to look bluer and less Trudeau is not surprising when you consider that Thornhill has voted Conservative since 2008, with MP Peter Kent receiving no less than 49% of the vote in any of those elections.

None the less, the move from red to blue, deeply highlights the level of campaign instability that could be occurring in some liberal ridings across the country as the race tightens, and a Liberal or Conservative minority becomes the most likely outcome.

The Post Millennial has reached to the Liberal campaign in Thornhill but received no response at the time of publication.