Liberals attack Ford government for helping parents cover daycare costs during teacher strikes

The Ontario Liberal Party is attacking the Ford government for giving rebates to parents who have to get daycare for their children during teacher strikes.

Interim Liberal Leader and Ottawa South MPP John Fraser believes Premier Doug Ford’s government is wasting taxpayer dollars by giving Ontario parents affected by the student strike up to $60 dollars a day to help with childcare costs.

In a press conference, Fraser told media that the allocated money would be better invested in education.

Yesterday, the Ford government announced that parents who meet requirement thresholds would receive up to $60 a day, with parents who have children in grades 1 to 7 eligible for $25 a day.

Tensions remain high between the Ford government and teachers’ unions, with all unions being in legal positions to strike.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce also announced Wednesday that the measures to ensure all parents were covered would cost up to $48 million a day if all unions were to strike at the same time, and if all eligible parents were to apply.