News Analysis

News Analysis

Bill Maher claims Trump is a 'criminal' but can't name his 'crimes'

Maher called Trump "crazy" and "stupid" during his rant.

Darian Douraghy / Sep 5, 2023

News Analysis

Massive brawl breaks out between Eritrean groups in Calgary

An estimated 150 people took part in the brawl, most brandishing 2x4s, pipes, and other makeshift weapons.

Jarryd Jaeger / Sep 4, 2023

News Analysis

Tulsi Gabbard says AP now stands for 'Associated Propaganda'

"They disrespect us and our intelligence by assuming that they can just feed us whatever propaganda they want."

Katie Daviscourt / Sep 3, 2023

News Analysis

Tucker Carlson predicts Democrats' 2024 playbook: War with Russia or assassinate President Trump

"There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia in this next year."

Katie Daviscourt / Aug 31, 2023

News Analysis

Keith Olbermann blasted after claiming Riley Gaines 'sucked at swimming'

"Oh look, another dude inappropriately challenging Riley’s ability to swim."

Libby Emmons / Aug 31, 2023

News Analysis

Trump accuses Biden of cheating, election interference over DOJ prosecutions

Trump was impeached for "election interference" in 2019 over looking into Joe Biden's influence in Ukraine's judicial system.

Libby Emmons / Aug 30, 2023

News Analysis

California school holds segregated 'playdate' to exclude white students

"Come hang out while we get a chance to know each other and build our community as we kick off this schoolyear."

Darian Douraghy / Aug 29, 2023

News Analysis

White House pumps new Covid vax, says it's 'safest protection for avoiding hospitalization'

Where have we heard this one before?

Darian Douraghy / Aug 28, 2023

News Analysis

Los Angeles mayor says soft on crime policies not to blame for massive crime spike

"Reforms that people object to have nothing to do with these crimes." 

Sara Higdon / Aug 28, 2023

News Analysis

‘Never Surrender!’ Trump shares meme that depicts his mugshot in enemy firing line

The image was also labeled with "never surrender," referencing Trump’s first post on X, formerly known as Twitter, in over two years.

Hannah Nightingale / Aug 27, 2023

News Analysis

Biden DOE’s new ceiling fan proposals threaten small businesses’ ability to stay afloat

GOP lawmakers say this initiative could destroy "between 10 and 30 percent" of small business ceiling fan manufacturers.

Sara Higdon / Aug 26, 2023

News Analysis

Oliver Anthony slams corporate news for painting him as a Joe Biden supporter, clarifies he’s against all corporate-owned politicians

"Corporate news (big surprise) is now trying to twist me into being a Biden Supporter." 

Sara Higdon / Aug 26, 2023

News Analysis

Biden uses Trump's Georgia arrest for fundraiser op

Could he be any more shameless?

Thomas Stevenson / Aug 26, 2023

News Analysis

BREAKING: Fulton County DA persecuting Trump has extensive history of denying elections

"What ballots are they throwing out? Georgia lets give an honest accounting. No stunts!"

The Post Millennial / Aug 24, 2023

News Analysis

CNN claims it's time 'to break out the masks' for new Covid surge

The network gave a COVID "reality check" and told its readers that the virus is "here to stay."

Katie Daviscourt / Aug 23, 2023

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