News Analysis

News Analysis

The Guardian removes Osama Bin Laden's 2002 'Letter to America' after TikTokers view videos praising it more than 10 million times

Bin Laden's letter was an explanation of the ideology that led him to orchestrate the 9/11 terrorist attacks and included criticism of Israel.

Katie Daviscourt / Nov 16, 2023

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BREAKING: Drudge Report smears Elon Musk, falsely claims he said he wants Jews killed

"I am deeply offended by ADL’s messaging and any other groups who push de facto anti-white racism or anti-Asian racism or racism of any kind."

Libby Emmons / Nov 15, 2023

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Pro-Hamas agitators tear down American flags, march through Columbus Circle, attempt to break into New York's Grand Central Station during mass anti-Israel protest

On Lexington Avenue they tore down American flags from street lamps, and this was notably on the eve of Veterans Day. 

Libby Emmons / Nov 11, 2023

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Canada issues travel advisory warning of heightened terror threats in UK, UK does same for Canada

The warnings urge citizens to remain aware of their surroundings in their travels across the Atlantic.

David Krayden / Nov 10, 2023

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EXCLUSIVE: Seattle teachers' union proposes pro-Hamas resolution

The document omits the massacre of over 1,400 Israeli civilians and the kidnapping of over 200 hostages on October 7.

Ari Hoffman / Nov 9, 2023

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'Defund the police' incumbents likely to face losses as Seattle City Council election results roll in

Lewis proudly posted a selfie with his fellow councilmembers marching with Antifa against the city’s police during the riots of 2020.

Ari Hoffman / Nov 8, 2023

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EXCLUSIVE: Hamas supporter 'tool kit' reveals coordinated effort behind campus anti-Israel protests

WOL featured chants such as: "From New York to Gaza Globalize the Intifada!"

Ari Hoffman / Nov 2, 2023

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Trudeau's war on farmers could create catastrophe as food prices soar

The net income for Canadian farmers fell 8.3 percent in 2022 and the expense of running a farm increased by 21.2 percent in 2022, the largest gain since 1974.

David Krayden / Nov 1, 2023

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Carter Center calls for Gaza cease-fire, draws comparisons to Jimmy Carter's 1979 Iranian hostage crisis

"'s their fingerprints all over this thing."

Ari Hoffman / Nov 1, 2023

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Biden sends Education Secretary who funds anti-Israel college courses to deal with antisemitism on campuses

Cardona was warned by Senators of the rising antisemitism on college campuses, due to DOE policy, in March.

Libby Emmons / Oct 30, 2023

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Trump pledges he will 'defend western civilization' at Sioux City rally

"If you try to kill our citizens, we will kill you," Trump said.

Katie Daviscourt / Oct 29, 2023

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Disgraced BLM activist Shaun King says he helped free American hostages released from Gaza and knows them personally, hostages say they never heard of him

The family reports they didn't know who King was until after the release. 

Sara Higdon / Oct 22, 2023

News Analysis

Portland DA Mike Schmidt says increase in violent crime is not his fault, gives his overall performance an 'A'

"I grade myself, quite frankly, very highly. I'd say 'A.," Schmidt said.

Katie Daviscourt / Oct 18, 2023

News Analysis

Gag order against Trump will prevent him from criticizing prosecutors, judge in J6 case

This would prevent Trump from discussing the biases of those prosecuting him.

Libby Emmons / Oct 17, 2023

News Analysis

Biden's visit to Israel conditioned on Israel allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza: report

"The USA should not be placing conditions on our support for Israel because of demands from the squad."

Libby Emmons / Oct 17, 2023

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