News Analysis

News Analysis

Oliver Anthony slams corporate news for painting him as a Joe Biden supporter, clarifies he’s against all corporate-owned politicians

"Corporate news (big surprise) is now trying to twist me into being a Biden Supporter." 

Sara Higdon / Aug 26, 2023

News Analysis

Biden uses Trump's Georgia arrest for fundraiser op

Could he be any more shameless?

Thomas Stevenson / Aug 26, 2023

News Analysis

BREAKING: Fulton County DA persecuting Trump has extensive history of denying elections

"What ballots are they throwing out? Georgia lets give an honest accounting. No stunts!"

The Post Millennial / Aug 24, 2023

News Analysis

CNN claims it's time 'to break out the masks' for new Covid surge

The network gave a COVID "reality check" and told its readers that the virus is "here to stay."

Katie Daviscourt / Aug 23, 2023

News Analysis

Joe Biden appears to fall asleep during meeting with Maui survivors

This isn’t the first time Biden was caught seemingly taking a nap while in public.

Darian Douraghy / Aug 22, 2023

News Analysis

Trump leads DeSantis by 39 points, Vivek jumps to second place: Rasmussen poll

Trump polled at 49 percent, Ramaswamy at 11 percent, and DeSantis at 10 percent.

Hannah Nightingale / Aug 22, 2023

News Analysis

SUNY Buffalo evicts illegal immigrants from dorms as students return

This occurred after sexual assault cases sprung up at the nearby Cheektowaga hotels.

Katie Daviscourt / Aug 21, 2023

News Analysis

MUST WATCH: Larry Elder SCHOOLS woke radio host Charlamagne tha God over blindly supporting Democrats

This just after Charlamagne asked Elder about a "n*gga wake-up call."

Katie Daviscourt / Aug 20, 2023

News Analysis

‘Aren’t we Americans too?’ Maui fire survivor bashes Biden for still not visiting island

“We're part of the United States … Why are we being ignored?”

Thomas Stevenson / Aug 19, 2023

News Analysis

WATCH: Vivek Ramaswamy tells Tucker Carlson US is in a '1776 moment'

"There's something going on. We're like in the 1775, spring of 1776 moment in this country."

Katie Daviscourt / Aug 17, 2023

News Analysis

FLASHBACK: MSNBC claimed Trump 'could control what people think, and that's OUR job'

"He could have undermined the message so much that he could actually control exactly what people think, and that's our job."

The Post Millennial / Aug 17, 2023

News Analysis

CREEPY JOE STRIKES AGAIN: Biden tells children he knows ‘some really great ice cream places’ and that ‘daddy’ owes them

He added, “So talk to me afterwards.”

Darian Douraghy / Aug 16, 2023

News Analysis

Netflix releases children’s cartoon about gay knights that was deemed too gay for Disney

The movie features a same-sex couple as well as its magical "gender-fluid" namesake.

Darian Douraghy / Aug 16, 2023

News Analysis

WATCH: Stacey Abrams denies the results of the 2018 election over 30 times

"But I didn’t lose, I got the votes, but we won’t know exactly how many because of how they cheated." 

Hannah Nightingale / Aug 15, 2023

News Analysis

White House Press Sec KJP posts then deletes tweet written in Joe Biden’s voice

"When I ran for President, I made a promise that I would leave no part of the country behind."

Darian Douraghy / Aug 15, 2023

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