Over 100 million Chinese citizens forcibly quarantined over new outbreak fears

Two cities in China have been placed under new quarantine orders by Chinese officials in the northeast province of Jilin due to fears of a renewed outbreak.

Two cities in China have been placed under quarantine by Chinese officials in the northeast province of Jilin, according to UK news outlet Express News. Chinese officials have deemed the province to be at "high-risk" for COVID-19. Jilin is located in the Dongbei region and is home to over 100 million people.

Since the news broke of the possible new outbreak, about 40,000 Jilin and Shulan residents have been tested for COVID-19.

Two emergency hospitals have already been selected to deal with what health officials believe will be a coming spike in COVID-19 infections.

All major transportation links have been shut down in Jilin and its surrounding cities with no return date yet announced.

All the villages and residential compounds have been completely sealed off as of the last week in Shulan. Health officials have found 18 new cases in Shulan since May 7, prompting the city to quarantine 8,000 residents.

Residents under enforced quarantine orders may only leave their homes every other day within a two-hour window and for essential reasons only. All schools public transport and public areas are shut down.

Jilin health authorities have reported five new cases of COVID-19 within the last 24 hours, alongside their borders with North Korea and Russia.

On Saturday, the deputy director of Jilin's health commission, along with four other officials, were removed from office for what the CCP believes are their failures with regard to coronavirus containment.

The National Health Commission (NHC) confirmed they had discovered six new cases of COVID-19 in China one of which was in the city of Wuhan, the city believed to be the location of the virus' origin. The NHC believe that half of the new cases were imported. They believe they were brought in through the northern Chinese region of Inner Mongolia, which is located to the west of Jilin.

China has reported 82,960 coronavirus infections with 4,634 deaths, though this is as per the data provided by the CCP. Chinese officials removed western journalists from that nation months ago.