Scheer calls on Trudeau to release coronavirus figures, praises Ford leadership

Scheer went on to commend Ontario Premier Doug Ford for releasing Ontario's projections on Friday.

Andrew Scheer addressed media on Monday to discuss the Trudeau carbon tax, charitable donations, and the responsibilities of the government during the pandemic.

Scheer touched briefly on scrapping the carbon tax increases during the coronavirus pandemic, refunding GST remittances to small and medium sized businesses, and increasing the wage subsidy from 10 percent.

Scheer would also call on the Trudeau Liberals to make charitable donations more enticing for companies able to do so.

"I know local charities, community groups, and religious groups are vital in times like these... The donations that these groups rely on have dramatically declined," he said.

"Conservatives are calling on the government to temporarily increase the charitable donation tax credit for 2020, and immediately remove the capital gains tax on charitable donations a private company shares and real estate. These changes would mobilize donations... and allow businesses that are in a position to do so to do more to help charitable giving."

Scheer also jabbed at Trudeau for his government's lack of transparency in providing figures and projections for the coronavirus. "It's also imperative that the government release all simulations, projections, modelling and data that show the potential impact of the pandemic on the health of Canadians and our health care system."

Scheer went on to commend Ontario Premier Doug Ford for releasing Ontario's projections on Friday.

Scheer said that projections up to six months ahead should be released to the public.

When asked by True North's Andrew Lawton if he had faith in Canada's public health officials, Scheer said he was "concerned" with the conflicting info on travel bans, masks, and directions from health advisors.

"Conservatives were calling for travel restrictions to be put in place from countries that had experienced a surge... The government told us that wasn't necessary, only to do the exact same thing a few days later."