Seventh case of coronavirus recorded in British Columbia

British Columbia has recorded it’s seven case of coronavirus. The paitent had been in close contact with the 6th paitent with coronavirus.
Nico Johnson Montreal, QC

British Columbia has recorded its seventh case of coronavirus, according to CTV News. This brings the total number of cases to 11 in Canada.

The patient is reportedly under isolation at their home in the Fraser Health region of BC. The patient is around 40-years-old and had close contact with the patient who was the sixth case of coronavirus in the province.

The sixth case in British Columbia was revealed on Thursday. The patient, who is in their 30s, also lives in the Fraser Health region. They recently arrived in Canada from Iran.

The BC government has said that they are attempting to reach out to everyone who has been in contact with the two known patients, whilst keeping their privacy intact.

Having said this, the number of coronavirus patients outside of the Wuhan region in China is continuing to rise, even spreading to countries as far away as Europe—potentially necessitating tougher containment measures.

Nico Johnson
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