Someone in Kentucky shot 20 horses dead, murdering them in cold blood

A total of 20 horses were found shot dead in Floyd County, Kentucky. Those responsible remain at large.
Siddak Ahuja Montreal, QC

A total of 20 horses were found dead in Floyd County, Kentucky, of gunshot wounds.

The dead horses included foals and pregnant horses, according to Floyd County sheriff’s Sgt. Kevin Shepherd.

The investigation is being conducted by Dumas Rescue. The group’s president Tonya Conn told CNN that the remoteness of the area has made the search difficult.

Investigators have found the bodies spread out. Conn said she believes that when the shooting began, the horses scattered, then the shooter tracked them down and killed them.

Conn says that there were about 35 horses in the herd. Operatives managed to resuce seven horses, while search for the remaining six is still ongoing.

The incident began on Dec. 16 when 911 operators received a call from a person claiming their horses had escaped. Most were later found shot to death.

Dumas Rescue is offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible.

Siddak Ahuja
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