The mob wants to destroy our churches and replace them with temples to social justice

Church communities must stand firm on their principles and values. Our statues, our culture, and our faith are worth protecting.


One of the most visible activists in the United States, Shaun King, finally said the quiet part aloud: the mob is coming for our churches. Their movement, called social justice, is fast becoming the dominant religion in the west. This cult allows no dissent and has shown that they will enforce their edicts via violence. American religious institutions and their leaders have stayed silent. They do not realize that with their silence, they send the American project to our doom, for only through our churches can we find our salvation from the burning wreck of America under the jurisdiction of social justice warriors.

Shaun King answered the question on many American minds about the iconoclast mob. "Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down," said King. "They are a form of white supremacy, and always have been."

He then clarified: “Yes. All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form white supremacy. Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.”

Do not blow this off: King is one of the most influential social justice activists in America today. Shaun started his career as a pastor, and I contend he never left the profession. With more than 1.1 million twitter followers, a prolific career as a "journalist," and a leading activist, King speaks with authority. He is a high priest of social justice.

The social justice movement is a religion. Need proof, go take a look at the videos of crying "Christians" as they get baptized under Saint George Floyd. Gaze at the flagellation videos, creepy throngs of teenagers chanting, and politicians bullied to kneel. Watch as white folks wash the feet of their black neighbors to atone for their inherent racism of whiteness.

How did this happen?

According to academic James Lindsay, science shows us that religion is a big part of makes us human. Religious practices are found in every culture, on every continent, and throughout human history. Religion exists because humans needed a way to find meaning in life. It gives purpose to our daily actions, tells us how to know if we are behaving justly, and allows us to feel as active participants in our own life's journey. But more importantly, religion is what we build our moral communities around and what define our social standing.  Religion is the attributional framework in which everything in our social life is created on top of, whether we realize it or not. It's so fundamental that it's even in our DNA.

Americans today, however, are less religious than ever before. The unaffiliated “nones” are the fastest-growing religion with more members than Evangelicals or Catholics. Young Americans, in particular, are much less religious. A recent Pew survey found that at least 4 out of 10 millennials self-identify this way. A shocking 75 percent of millennials believe religion is unnecessary for children to have so they could learn ethical values. And this trend grows every year.

The new generations of Americans believe they are done with religion, yet they still retain that God-shaped hole in their hearts. That's why they have created a new religion. As Lindsay, John McWhorter, Andrew Sulivan and others have posited, the young people of America still need a moral community and a way to explain their purpose in the world.

Cue social justice, with the extremely popular Black Lives Matter movement which contains all the hallmarks of faith. It provides believers with a moral framework and community to live within. Its main belief, not unlike Star Wars' force, is that an invisible white supremacy lives inside all white people and the effect of that can be felt in all of us. The ultimate sin is oppression, the ultimate good is to be a victim, and the only way to repent is by confession and anti-racist activism. .

However, unlike other religions that have moved into the modern realm and embraced ecumenical tolerance, social justice tolerates no other faiths.

What do the statues of Gandhi, Grant, and Cervantes have to do with perpetuating slavery? What do the canceled progressive tv hosts, card game artists, scientists, journalists, sports stars, pancake syrup, and so forth possibly have in common? The word used for their cardinal sin is “problematic." But we all know the real sin is blasphemy.

This explains why Karens can be yelling racism at a black police officer while he is protecting the Emancipation Monument, and it isn’t considered racism. You may say it doesn’t make sense. But what you are doing is trying to apply logic. That does not work here. It doesn’t matter that the FBI can prove that no NASCAR noose existed, the social justice crowd takes it as a higher purer moral truth, which is why intellectual and political arguments do not work. This panic is in a different castle in the brain.

What Shaun King did is said about the dismantling of religious imagery is next item on their Manichean agenda. We all should have realized this is coming. It's no coincidence that St. John’s Episcopal Church was the first significant landmark destroyed in the recent riots. According to social justice, if every institution of racism must get destroyed and everything thing is racist, ergo: all the churches must get destroyed.

But the mob doesn’t just hate our churches because of their history, but because they fear them. Our churches are the only thing that can stop the mob and undo the spiritual damage that created this mess. If the social justice movement is a moral community movement, it can only be fought against with a better one.

Church communities must stand firm on their principles and values. We are not a bunch of racists full of white privilege. We all hate what happened to George Floyd. America is about equality and justice for all. We aren't perfect, but we are trying to improve the system and ourselves every day. Our statues, our culture, and our faith are worth protecting. Church leaders must announce they and their congregations will not stand idly by while they get destroyed. Families must make sure we implant those classical liberal values into the next generation.

Unfortunately, many leaders are already cowering before the Mob. Or worse yet, trying to placate them. This is foolish cowardice, and those leaders should look at history to see how much leeway Marxism allows such faiths. Because if our churches kneel then social justice wins, and we all lose our freedoms.


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