‘These things happen’: Ex-diplomat says Iran shouldn’t face repercussions over downed plane

A former ambassador, appointed by the Trudeau government, said “this happens sometimes” in response to Iran shooting down a plane that killed 63 Canadians.

A former ambassador, who received diplomatic accreditation under the Trudeau government, has stated that if Iran did indeed shoot down a Ukrainian flight, killing 63 Canadians in the process, they should not face any repercussions because “these things happens”.

During an interview on Power and Politics, the former ambassador, Dennis Horak, stated that “If it is shown that it was brought down by an anti-aircraft missile, for example, it would’ve been an accident. There’s no way the Iranians would’ve targeted this intentionally … there were Iranian citizens on it, and I see no reason why they would do this.”

Horak went on to say that an incident such as this “wouldn’t be the first time. In the late 80s the American’s shot down an Iranian airline over the gulf by accident. So these things sometimes happen, you had a very high tense [sic] period at the time when it came down, so if it was an accidental shoot-down, I don’t think the Iranians will admit it, and I don’t think there should be any repercussions.”

Dennis Horak was the Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, who was expelled from the Arab kingdom over a diplomatic row in 2018. Horak has previously been critical of the Trudeau’s foreign policy.