Top 10 woke arguments of the decade

Join Blaire White as she counts down the weakest, most nonsensical, ineffective “woke” arguments that have filled our timelines over the last decade.

Blaire White Los Angeles

As we enter the new decade, let’s recognize some of the weakest, most nonsensical and ineffective “woke” arguments that have filled our timelines over the last ten years.

10. Not dating trans people is transphobic

Everyone is entitled to date whoever the hell they want, whether that includes trans people or not. Activists who tout this “date me or you’re transphobic” line are tragically unaware of how this comes across to normal people. It sounds rapey, and it is about as logical as saying straight people who date gay people are homophobic. It’s called preferences, people!

9. Latinx

This isn’t an argument per say, but I had to include it. It’s rare to see any actual Hispanic people using “latinx.” It’s always pretentious liberal activists and scholars who have seemed to force this word on Hispanic people in yet another attempt at a gender-neutral utopia. Spanish is a gendered language. Get over it.

8. It’s racist to criticize Islam

ISLAM ISN’T A RACE! Need I say more? Okay, I will. Islam is an ideology just like any other that does not deserve protection from criticism, especially considering the disastrous and cruel ways that radical Islam affects women and LGBT people. It’s also ironically racist and uneducated to assume that all Muslims are people of colour and therefore critics must be racist for speaking against it.

7. Fat acceptance

I’m all here for body positivity, especially for people who suffer from disfigurements, disabilities, or eating disorders. But can we stop glamorizing obesity and ignoring how it wreaks havoc on the body? Have you ever seen an obese 80 year old? No. You literally won’t make it that long lying to yourself that being extremely overweight is beautiful.

6. “Everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi”

Can we stop overusing the word “nazi” and “fascist” in 2020? It’s the height of intellectual laziness to refer to everyone who disagrees with you a nazi. It completely halts real discourse and can also damage lives and reputations among people who are also intellectually lazy enough to believe you when you label that person a nazi. Just stop.

5. Cancel culture

Unless it’s for a literal convicted pedophile or rapist, stop trying to “cancel” everyone for the slightest wrongdoing. You’re really reaching if you have to dig back 14 years into someone’s digital footprint to find them using a word that wasn’t even deemed offensive until this year. Cancel culture doesn’t leave room or opportunity for growth among the individual, and it reveals your own sick desire to see someone destroyed on a public scale. Let’s stop this.

4. Conservative minorities are traitors

How about we accept that people of colour and LGBT people are free to believe and vote however they see fit? The hivemind mentality that all people in “x” group must vote for “x” party is truly disturbing and archaic.

3. White guilt

White people tweeting about how awful white people are is among the strangest phenomenon of the 2010s. This wouldn’t be acceptable to say about any other race, so why are you doing it? If you’re trying to appeal to the people who truly believe such a racist sentiment, it isn’t going to get you in their good graces. You just look pathetic.

2. Neopronouns

Can we stop pretending like it’s ever going to become part of standard human interaction to refer to a singular person as “they” or “ze”, “zir”? Maybe it works in your gender studies class or your among your hugbox friend circle, but the rest of society is just annoyed by it.

1. “Conservative speakers should be deplatformed”

We are entering dangerous territory if free speech becomes an exclusively conservative value. You can disagree and even detest someone’s ideology while still defending their right to speak publicly. Rioting, assaulting people, and turning college campuses inside out because a particular speaker is coming is bad for everyone, and it only happens on one side. This is a liberal issue that needs to be addressed by liberals.

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