Trudeau minister says they found fake news this election

Karina Gould has said in a statement that Canada needs to do more to fight against online disinformation
Nico Johnson Montreal, QC

Karina Gould, Trudeau’s Minister of Democratic Institutions, has said in a statement that Canada needs to do more to fight against online disinformation, only days after the federal election.

Although the government did not state precisely how much disinformation circulated during the election, Gould did say that the government is currently deliberating on improvements that could be made to safeguard the level of information for the next election according to the CBC.

Despite the Liberal Party’s willingness to tackle fake news after the election,  during the election, Trudeau was similarly accused of spreading fake news after he stated that the Liberal Party had kept 92 percent of their promises when in fact it was closer to 50 percent.

In a previous statement, Gould revealed that a panel, appointed with the sole purpose of examining fake news, did detect the distribution of disinformation—just not enough to compromise the election.

International organizations have also been examining the Canadian with the purpose of highlighting fake news. Astroscreen, for example, which is a British non-governmental organization, claims to have discovered bots spreading misinformation on Twitter and Facebook, under commonly used hashtags.

Nico Johnson
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