UK police to fine public gatherings of more than two due to coronavirus

Police in the UK have been spotted enforcing new government rules on social distancing that were brought into place yesterday.

Police in the UK have been spotted enforcing the new government rules on social distancing that were brought into place yesterday in hopes to control the spread of coronavirus, according to LAD Bible.

Police can be seen breaking up public 'gatherings' as well as closing down non-essential shops.

Police were forced to shut down Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester after people were continuing to gather despite

the government's warnings not to. "No one was arrested. GMP officers are patrolling the city centre following the lockdown announcements." said a spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police.

Areas throughout Britain seem to be facing similar issues of people not adhering to the government's advice.

Police are taking to social media to send warnings to those still continuing to carry on as normal, such as Foleshill Police, in the West Midlands, who tweeted this photograph of them breaking up a barbeque party.

The new rules implemented by Boris Johnson to enforce social distancing now mean that fines can be issued on the spot, wherever these rules are disobeyed.

Matt Hancock, health secretary, told the British House of Commons that police there now have the authority to issue 'unlimited fines' to anyone who is found defying the social distancing measures. Fines will start at £30 ($51.00 CAD) but may rise indefinitely for those who don't comply.

Hancock said, "These measures are not advice, they are rules and will be enforced, including by the police with fines starting at £30 up to unlimited fines for non compliance."

"Home is now the front line, and in this national effort, working together, we can defeat this disease. Everyone has a part to play," he added.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement on Monday that the country would go into a shelter-in-place order for a minimum the next three weeks. Gatherings of two or more people have been banned, with the exception of family members who live together.