Unhinged Bernie bro calls for blacklists of Bloomberg supporters

David Klion, the outspoken former opinion editor of Al Jazeera America, called upon his comrades to place Bloomberg supporters on lists.

The left always eats itself. Not having learned anything from the past failures, leftist activists in the Bernie Sanders camp have opted to enforce purity policing efforts on their own community—this time against those who support Mike Bloomberg for President.

Bloomberg, who’s running for the Oval Office on the Democratic ticket alongside Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, et al, has been the subject of massive controversy in recent days for his support of the highly criticized “stop and frisk” policy under his prior watch as mayor of New York City.

As The Post Millennial previously detailed, Bloomberg’s hypocrisy was laid to bare after comments he made in 2015 resurfaced amidst his efforts to reach out to African American progressives. His remarks about how the only way to stamp out gun violence in the city was to “throw [teenagers of colour] against the walls and frisk them” has earned him widespread condemnation.

David Klion, the outspoken former opinion editor of Al Jazeera America, current news editor of the progressive outlet Jewish Currents, and extremely online leftist, called upon his leftist comrades to place Bloomberg supporters on lists. Klion is a hardcore supporter of “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders, whose campaigners have been exposed by Project Veritas for their support of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

“Libs who are flirting with Bloomberg should be aware that they are going on lists,” he wrote on a massively viral post. “Next time they pretend to care about racism or sexual harassment or really anything other than money and power, we will remember what they were doing right now and we will remind everyone.”

“It’s a mercy that we’re warning you now while you still have time to reconsider selling your souls,” he added. “You should be grateful.”

The post, which received upwards of 12K likes and 2.4K retweets went viral since it was posted on February 13. Calls from fellow progressives to tone down his rhetoric were met with a mixture of support and disagreement.

“They are irredeemable,” wrote Chapo Trap House host Virgil Texas.

Bitch Media cofounder and feminist advocate Andi Zeisler condemned Klion’s remarks. “Bloomberg is a monster who absolutely shouldn’t be in this race, but this tweet sucks,” she wrote.

You would think that after five years of blacklists and witch hunts, the “progressive” left would clue in that these tactics aren’t working.