WATCH: Ice cream truck owner goes rogue despite lockdown

A recent story put out by CBS News Chicago is hoping to end with the arrest of one ice cream truck driver who is still out selling cold treats.

A recent story put out by CBS News Chicago is hoping to end with the arrest of one ice cream truck driver, who is still on the loose, selling cold treats to neighbourhood residents of Hoffman Village. And what's worst of all about all this? Ice cream trucks have been banned from Hoffman Estates, for years, as the reporter excitedly points out.

This news piece reads like a 1940's hard boiled private eye wrote it, it's hilarious. "Here's Mr. Freeze, unmasked, ungloved, taking cash for cones in the northwest 'burbs."

"That's when CBS2 assignment editor Greg Kelly, father of two, dad-on-a-bike, said...'wait a minute.'" Can you feel the tension building, anything could happen at this point.

The assignment editor confronts the ice cream vendor, who they keep referring to as "Mr. Freeze" but then routinely follow up by saying, "that's not his real name," yeah dude, we know.

The exchange isn't anything too crazy so they again mention the no mask and no gloves of the driver. But they don't just mention it, they zoom in on his face and hands just in case you were only looking at select parts of the frame, like anywhere but they guy who is front and centre.

The ice cream vendor then asks the dad-on-a-bike to back up and remove his mask so he can better understand what he's trying to say. The man refuses and the vendor drives off. The whole thing is rather uneventful, but thanks to some help from a video editor, we see the van pull away in slow-motion for an added dramatic effect, you know, news.

The story then cuts back to the unmasked, ungloved journalist in studio who tells us that not only was he breaking the social distancing protocols, but that ice cream trucks are banned in that particular affluent neighbourhood, "And have been for years," as he points out. He then urges anyone who sees the truck to call 9-1-1.

I must say that I'm all for social distancing and any other measures that will ensure the safest and fastest return to normal but things are getting pretty arbitrary out here. So you can order take out from almost any restaurant but not ice cream? You can shop in giant big box stores but not small businesses. What the heck is going on anymore? It's hard to know. But one thing is for sure, with the thousands of prisoners who are being released due to the threat of a COVID-19 spread inside jails, this can only mean there will be plenty of room for Mr. Freeze (not his real name) when this is all over.