Why are Toronto Pride and the mayor speaking out against free speech?

The Toronto Mayor said that he was “disappointed” in the Toronto Library for booking a feminist author. Toronto Pride and the mayor are against free speech.
Barrett Wilson Montreal, QC

Meghan Murphy, the gender-critical feminist and editor of Feminist Current, is scheduled to speak on the topic of  “Gender Identity: What does it mean for society, the law and women?” at the Toronto Public Library on Oct. 29.

The event is sold out and for good reason. It’s a hot topic. Many women are asking serious questions as they face increased hostility in society as a result of overreaching legislation such as Bill C-16, the “compelled speech” law that could land you in hot water for misgendering an individual.

Of course, because it’s 2019 and everything is governed by shallow identity politics, Toronto writers came out with a petition to censor and deplatform Murphy. We wrote about it here.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Toronto Mayor John Tory and Toronto Pride are now bolstering the cause against free speech. Tory stated that he was “disappointed” in the Toronto Library’s decision to give Murphy a platform. According to the Toronto Star, “Tory told reporters officials should use the ‘highest of standards’ to ensure ‘offensive commentary’ is not hosted in public buildings. “

And now, emboldened by the mayor’s highly irresponsible woke-scolding,  Toronto Pride has joined in, stating that “If you deny our appeal, if you deny the appeal of thousands of residents, including authors, your staff and community leaders, there will be consequences to relation for this betrayal.”

These are scary words. There will be consequences. But, if you think about it, what are they going to do? Boycott the library? Not read anymore? It seems to me that the reason these activists, politicians, and other community members are trying to block a prominent feminist from expressing her opinion in the first place is because they don’t read.

Thankfully, the head of the TPL, Vicky Bowles, stood her ground and the event will take place as planned. Bowles refused to bow to the social justice bullies, saying, “If public institutions aren’t going to stand up for free speech and allow civil discourse to happen, then I don’t know where that is going to happen … I, for one, am standing up for free speech and I will not back down.”

Bowles is the hero of this quintessentially 2019 shit show—the responsible person in a position of authority who put her foot down. It’s fitting, too, that she was a librarian. This much is clear: Bowles is the one person in this entire debacle that has actually read books.

Barrett Wilson
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