Woke Democratic leaders think they can join the mob but the mob will not comply

These capitulators, who allow their cities to succumb not only to violent riots and occupations, will come under fire from the mob they tried to lead.

Libby Emmons Brooklyn, NY
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There has been a promise from Democrat leaders in cities across the US that putting Democrats in power will appease the mob and quell the riots and protests that have plagued us since the death of George Floyd. It will not, and we know it will not because the mob tells us this will not happen.

Even when the demands of this mob has been met, such as the defunding of police in both Portland and New York City, they do not go home. They don't want to. They like the chokehold they have over American cities and the public consciousness.

Far left activists, protestors, rioters, vandals, Antifa militants, and BLM proponents are not looking for a peaceful resolution to their agitation and destruction, they are looking for a complete turning over of power. We know this because they tell us. And when someone tells you who they are, listen.

Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March freely said: "I choose Biden. But I choose him as my opponent in the White House. I want him to defeat Trump so we can mobilize our movements to hold him accountable and push him to do and be better. We can't do that with Trump. I commit to the day after elections and to 2021 to stay in the streets. To double down on building power and holding our leaders accountable. I hope that those of you who are anti-Trump don’t leave us out here once he’s defeated. We will need you more than ever after he’s out."

Sarsour would rather have Biden in office because she feels that her movement of political destruction can better manipulate Biden than Trump, who is entirely opposed to her ideology of defunding police and creating lawless cities.

New York's Bill de Blasio has been more interested in protecting the BLM mural outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue than he has about protecting the lives of black New Yorkers. Despite the drastic increase in crime, and the fact that rates of violence in the city have not seen numbers like this since pre-Rudy Guiliani days, de Blasio has refused federal help.

De Blasio said "If [Trump] tried to do it, it would only create more problems. We would immediately take action in court to stop it." He went on to say that "I do believe we can beat him in court. It would just create a lot of pain and confusion. Maybe that’s what he wants." He has had police guard his mural and pulled in the Department of Transportation to clean it up when it was splashed with paint.

Portland's Mayor Ted Wheeler, who also serves as the police chief, said that his city, too, would be using legal means to remove federal officers. Wheeler went so far as to go to the protests—which have been a nightly occurrence for more than 50 days—and tell rioters and agitators that he would be getting the feds out of there. For his conciliatory measures and willingness to bend to the will of the mob, the mob called for his resignation.

Seattle's Mayor Jenny Durkan permitted Antifa and BLM activists and rioters to take up illegal residence in the Capitol Hill area of downtown. For her trouble and appeasement she, too, has been called upon to resign. The occupied zone saw shootings that left two teenagers dead. The suspects were not able to be apprehended because the occupiers kept police from accessing the crime scene.

Chicago has seen a massive increase in violence in light of the lawlessness of rioters who have defaced public property, engaged in looting, and created an air of mayhem and destruction. Trump sent federal law enforcement agents to that city, not to quell protests, but to stop mass shootings at the hands of organized criminal enterprises. For his trouble, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said "Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents."

She has since changed her mind upon seeing how sensible it might be to have extra help in protecting her citizens.

Yet each of these mayors, as well as Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, all believe that if they take up the cause of the activists turned rioters they will be able to lead them. These capitulators, who allow their cities to succumb not only to violent riots and occupations but to the criminal element that is using this opportunity to attain their selfish ends of murder and mayhem, will come under fire from the mob they tried to lead.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway wrote: "The curious and explicit campaign message of media and other Biden supporters is that if you elect this Biden Trojan horse, the mobs and hordes that ride in with it will totally calm down once they secure even more power than they already held in corporations, media, academia." They won’t.

The Atlantic's Ronald Brownstein threatens that a Trump victory could mean more lawlessness and violence, saying "if Trump wins a second term—especially if that victory relies on another rural surge to overcome massive opposition across the big metros—the chaos in Portland might look like only the preliminary skirmish for an even more incendiary collision to come." This is a poor reason to elect leftists.

The mayors of America's newly lawless cities want to believe they have ideological control over the mobs ransacking their city centres. In standing with the mob, calling violent actors peaceful protestors, refusing to engage law enforcement to quell the unrest, and making space for the demands of the leaderless crowd, the mayors believe they are leading. But they forgotten that the mob has no leaders. As Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of BLM said, the group is not a leaderless movement but a movement of leaders.

The mob that carries the banners of BLM and Antifa through the streets of our cities, setting fires, causing mayhem, giving cover to the career criminals and criminal organization, does not want to be led. They do not want to negotiate or give space to ideas not of their own making. A mob primarily wants to mob. They want to freak out and take power by blotting out all voices that disagree.

The mob is like the mythical hydra. When one leaderless leader is gone another one pops up to take its place. There can be no nuance or negotiation when no one speaks for the mob yet the mob speaks for all.

The Democrats believe that if they wait it out long enough, if they let the movement that intends to destroy American society, civilization, and democracy run its course, the Dems will be there ready to lead they way. But the mob sees this rouse, and will back them, but only up to the edge of a cliff whereupon they will throw the left’s would-be leaders right over the edge.

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