‘Worst thing I did to my ex’ trends on Twitter, crazy stories ensue

On the last day of 2019 people started sharing on Twitter the worst thing they did to an ex to exact revenge.

Sometimes Twitter takes a break from being a cesspool of hatred and instead becomes a playground of gossip and tall tales for users to gawk at.

On the last day of the year lots of people apparently wanted to get things they did to their exes off their chests and go into 2020 with a clean slate. On Tuesday, #WorstThingIDidToMYEx was trending on Twitter, and salacious stories started to come out about people serving dishes of cold revenge.

Graphic Warning:

Whether or not these are true stories is another matter, and it’d be a better world if most of them are just tall tales.

Others suggested taking the high road, moving on instead of exacting vicious vengeance.

Others’ revenge was pretty mild.

Meanwhile, some decided it probably wasn’t best to share the worst thing they’d done to an ex publicly.

Some gawkers suggested 2020 would be a good time for these people to see a shrink.

Other Twitter users suggested the confessors needed to find God.