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John Carpay

Lawyer John Carpay is president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (


Politicians need to answer for Canada's excess deaths during pandemic

Since lockdowns were first imposed in March of 2020, Canada’s federal and provincial governments have paid little attention to the harmful effects of their policies. Instead, politicians and government-funded media repeat endlessly that “lockdowns save lives.” We know how propaganda works: when people hear a claim often enough, they come to accept it as true.

John Carpay / Sep 19, 2022


The dangers of centralized digital ID: Why government has no business knowing so much about us

In Canada, governments and private corporations are working together to develop the same kind of technology now used in China.

John Carpay / Aug 25, 2022


Court ruling a death sentence for unvaccinated transplant candidate

The safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines is far from settled.

John Carpay / Jul 21, 2022


CARPAY: Court ruling a death sentence for unvaccinated transplant candidate

"Rather than explaining why the evidence put forward by Ms. Lewis was right or wrong, Justice Belzil instead declared the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines is irrelevant to the case."

John Carpay / Jul 21, 2022


Canadians still have the same choice between freedom and tyranny

“Democracy’s enemies have refined their instruments of oppression."

John Carpay / Jun 30, 2022

Canadian News, Opinion

The CBC fails to see authoritarianism in our own backyard

What is remarkable about the CBC is its complete and utter blindness to the harsh and uncompromising authoritarianism that has descended upon Canada since early 2020.

John Carpay / May 30, 2022

Canadian News, Opinion

CARPAY: Canada is one step closer to the demise of free speech with Bill C-11

The OSA could open the floodgates to other laws that extend government control over what we see, hear, read, and think.

John Carpay / May 21, 2022

Opinion, News

Canada follows China on the path to soft totalitarianism

Many Canadians acquiesced to soft totalitarianism when they accepted vaccine passports from September 2021 to early 2022 with little outcry or protest.

John Carpay / Apr 27, 2022


The Charter has not stopped Canada's slide toward tyranny

Canadians who assert their Charter rights will typically have to wait for years before a court rules on whether the government's violation is "reasonable."

John Carpay / Apr 12, 2022


Trudeau Liberals' claim that truckers want to 'overthrow' government is false and dangerous

There is a dark and very sinister side to accusing peaceful protestors who disagree with certain government policies of wanting to overthrow the government. It's a move that comes straight out of the tyrant's playbook.

John Carpay / Apr 5, 2022


Netflix series 'How to become a tyrant' provides lessons for Canadians

No democracy is immune from becoming a brutal dictatorship.

John Carpay / Mar 24, 2022

News Analysis

Tamara Lich, Canada's political prisoner, regains her freedom in part

After spending five nights in jail, Ms. Lich was denied bail on February 22 by Justice Julie Bourgeois, a Liberal candidate in the 2011 federal election.

John Carpay / Mar 9, 2022


Is Canada sliding into a form of fascism?

Canadians have been forced to behave as though Covid is as bad as the Spanish Flu of 1918, even after it has become abundantly clear that this fearmongering has no basis in fact.

John Carpay / Feb 23, 2022


Use of emergency powers not justified by the facts in Ottawa

The prime minister is either out of touch with reality, or he is testing the old maxim that the big lie works better than the small lie.

John Carpay / Feb 15, 2022


Accusations against the truckers are vicious and baseless

No arrests have been made. No charges have been laid. In fact, crime has been down since the truckers arrived. (Photo: Beth Baisch)

John Carpay / Feb 8, 2022

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