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Kathrine Jebsen Moore

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Opinion, Discourse, #badge-discourse

Park bench dedicated to Swedish botanist Carl von Linné is 'racist' say Oslo politicians

(Photo: Truong Vu Pham/NHM) Will the next demand be to leave these great thinkers and scientists out of our curricula and public spheres altogether, for fear of upsetting people?

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Sep 20, 2020

Opinion, Culture

The Guardian is not a fan of Toby Young or free speech

Thankfully, Young is resilient, and unlike the Guardian, is ready to defend people he doesn’t agree with, rather than attempting to harm them

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Mar 3, 2020

Opinion, International News

Greta Thunberg busted for misleading public about her train voyage

Like Corbyn, Thunberg seems to thrive on pointing out faults in our society, And like Corbyn, Thunberg is willing to bend the truth to suit her agenda.

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Dec 15, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Man tweets dislike of Indian food, gets mobbed by SJWs

Do social justice warriors have an ounce of humour left? The list of things we are allowed to talk or…

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Nov 25, 2019

Opinion, Culture

WATCH: Deranged activist advocates for killing men on woke TV show

When a panel of women all seem to be in agreement about the necessity of killing men on prime-time TV, you start to wonder what’s happening to our culture.

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Nov 6, 2019

Opinion, Culture

EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Peterson film cancelled in Canadian movie theatre

The Jordan Peterson film was cancelled by the Carlton Cinema in Toronto because “apparently one or more staff complained about the film.”

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Sep 17, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Prince Harry goes woke in Vogue

Harry’s statement is part of a wider sentiment that claims humans are a cancer on the planet. This anti-humanism is exemplified by the “BirthStrikers”

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Aug 7, 2019

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

Noah Carl fights back after dismissal from Cambridge

Carl says a possible way forward to increase viewpoint diversity may involve online universities, which Jordan Peterson has advocated, or withholding public funding for universities that refuse to comply with free speech.

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Jul 2, 2019

American News

Ravelry unravels: knitting community bans Trump supporters and “white supremacy”

Ravelry, the world’s largest online knitting community, is banning support for US president Donald Trump and his administration. The move is to ensure a space that is “inclusive of all,” the website says.

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / Jun 25, 2019

News, International News

Norway’s champagne socialists, gaining in the polls, opt to keep communism in manifesto

Last weekend, Norwegian communists and socialists gathered in a working-class suburb of Oslo for their annual conference.

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / May 14, 2019


British comedian Danny Baker mobbed, fired, and investigated by police for stupid tweet

The right to be wrong has to be defended in a world where we always strive to be seen as being right.

Kathrine Jebsen Moore / May 11, 2019

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