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Ted Falk

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FALK: It’s time for Trudeau to come clean to Canadians

But as Jane Philpott, the second cabinet minister to resign due to her discomfort with Justin Trudeau’s handling of this situation, said: “There’s much more to the story that should be told.”

Ted Falk / Apr 2, 2019


FALK: Rule of law is worth defending

The Prime Minister of Canada, regardless of party affiliation, is not above the law and is duty bound to tell Canadians the truth.

Ted Falk / Mar 2, 2019


FALK: Frustration with Trudeau rises to new levels

2018 marked another year of Liberal failures both here at home and abroad.

Ted Falk / Jan 10, 2019

Canadian News

Liberal inaction on illegal migrants to cost Canadians $1.1 billion

The cost of accommodating one illegal border crosser is about twice as much as Canadian seniors get per year in Old Age Security. 

Ted Falk / Dec 8, 2018


FALK: Trudeau defends plan to snatch up Canadians’ private financial information

Conservative MP Ted Falk lays out his thoughts on the StatsCan data scandal.

Ted Falk / Nov 10, 2018

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