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5 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE: Spectator's new 'Wokeyleaks' lets whistleblowers anonymously call out social justice indoctrination

"Anyone in a position of power should be criticised and laughed at and that includes people with large social media followings that rile up big, angry online mobs," They/Them writes.

Libby Emmons
a day ago

Ford government silences opposing views on lockdowns

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has failed, utterly and miserably, to refute the anti-lockdown case presented by Roman Baber, Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament for York Centre.

John Carpay
2 days ago

Biden does away with female athletics in one sweeping executive order

What it truly comes down to is the obsession of the left, especially LGBT activists, to erase the very concept of biological sex in favor of gender identity.

Chad Felix Greene
2 days ago

Why I am fighting to reopen Ontario's schools

I currently am a grade 12 student in Ontario, and when the first extension of the closures was announced on January 7th, I knew I had to do something to stand up for students and parents and fight this unreasonable decision.

Elie Cantin-Nantel
3 days ago

The Biden administration enters office with a flex of force

On day one, the new administration is using military force to squash a rebellion that doesn't exist. We are told to sit back and watch the political process and it's celebrity endorses dance and preen on screen.

Libby Emmons
6 days ago

Ryerson journalism student should not be barred from school newspaper for his religious views

Bradley, who describes himself as a libertarian, philosophically speaking, argued that "the whole point of life is to be open," and "It's OK to be a religious person. It's OK not to be a religious person."

Barbara Kay
6 days ago

Trudeau's 'ideological colonialism' explored in new film 'Obsessed: Canada's Coercive Diplomacy'

The film helps break down the deceptive nature of Trudeau's foreign aid and posits concerns with the Canada's colonialistic and "feminist" approach to providing assistance.

Mattea Merta
6 days ago

Lockdowns don't work—so why aren't nations trying anything else?

Locking down a healthy society, hindering healthy people from stimulating their own economy freely, is anathema to mitigating COVID-19. Dozens of countries tried it and it failed.

Nicole Russell
6 days ago

Stop Quebec's ineffective lockdown now

I recommend protests. I recommend legal challenges. I even recommend peaceful civil disobedience. To the premier and his cabinet I recommend resignation. They've done enough harm already.

Douglas Farrow
12 days ago

In America, we don't worship Trump—we worship God

Carry in yourself your own guidance, look to principles that serve truth and justice, not that serve one man. All men's kingdoms fall. There must be no worship of false idols; we must not be driven by vanity.

Libby Emmons
13 days ago

When we put faith in science we turn science into religion

The rush to accept the claims of scientists with blind faith rather than insisting on proof is a distinct sign of our times, as is the demand for proof of unprovable tenets of Christianity.

Andrew Mahon
14 days ago

Big tech is staging a digital coup

Big tech has been given the keys to the kingdom and they're not giving them back. They have the tools and the power to block dissent and they are using them.

Libby Emmons
15 days ago

Why Canada must take Iran to international court for downing Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752

It has been one year since the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 by two surface-to-air missiles.

Ardeshir Zarezadeh
17 days ago

Shame on the mob that stormed the Capitol; Americans deserve a peaceful transition of power

The violence in the capital on Wednesday was unacceptable. It was an affront to American democracy. We all know this.

Libby Emmons
18 days ago

New York Times praises China’s communist society as 'freedom' that Americans should envy

China unleashed a deadly virus upon the world, told us to protect ourselves from it by destroying our economies, now redefines freedom without natural rights, and tells us to envy their servitude.

Libby Emmons

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