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News Analysis

Why the Replace Biden campaign likely came to an end on Saturday: they no longer believe it even matters

"We’re so beyond f*cked," one Democratic insider said.

The Post Millennial / Jul 15, 2024

News Analysis

'ALL THE THINGS': Teachers union pres Becky Pringle goes on unhinged rant at annual convention

She wailed, flailed her hands, and screamed about how the NEA must "win all the things." 

Libby Emmons / Jul 9, 2024

News Analysis

HuffPo says campaign should use AI deepfakes to cover up for increasingly frail, confused Biden

"These AI-enhanced videos could ensure that the public does not make decisions about the future of our democracy based on an inconveniently timed cough, stray stutter, or healthy but hobbled walk."

Thomas Stevenson / Jul 4, 2024

News Analysis

VIVA FREI: Biden's debate performance 'an abject disaster' but Democrats 'will never even think about voting for the actually qualified candidate … Donald Trump'

Biden is "totally incapable of doing the job. But they can't replace him for no good reason."

David Krayden / Jul 4, 2024

News Analysis

New York Times blames 'Pro Israel Money' for Jamaal Bowman's loss then abruptly changes headline

The headline ran after Bowman and far-left allies had devoted much of the campaign to claiming that money from Jews and Jewish lobby groups including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) were working to defeat him.

Ari Hoffman / Jun 26, 2024

News Analysis

Elizabeth Warren says Biden is doing 'everything he can' to stop border crisis he created

“You know, the president is out there doing everything he can, not just at the border, but overall for families."

Hayden Cunningham / Jun 24, 2024

News Analysis

Biden's support among young voters plummets amid possible TikTok ban, Gaza war

This comes after Biden received a flood of support from young voters in the 2020 election.

Hannah Nightingale / Jun 14, 2024

News Analysis

Canadian study worries about 'underanticipated' US civil war—ignores growing resentment at home

The potential for civil war is mentioned in the list of 8 "underanticipated disruptions" that "decision makers may need to consider more thoroughly than the survey results indicate."

David Krayden / Jun 12, 2024

News Analysis

'Lights on but no one's home': Biden appears to freeze during White House Juneteenth event

Trump War Room posted in response to the video, "Lights are on but no one's home."

Thomas Stevenson / Jun 11, 2024

News Analysis

5 ways Merrick Garland claims attacks against the DOJ are 'dangerous for our democracy'

Garland claims that the DOJ does "not investigate people because of their last name, their political affiliation, the size of their bank account, where they come from or what they look like."

Libby Emmons / Jun 11, 2024

News Analysis

Portland teachers union believes the intifada starts in kindergarten, pushes anti-Israel lessons

The curriculum calls Israeli Jews “colonial settlers” and the war against Hamas “Israel’s Genocide on Gaza.”

Ari Hoffman / Jun 7, 2024

News Analysis

FLASHBACK: Merrick Garland refuses to respond to congressional subpoenas he deems 'illegitimate'

Meanwhile, Steve Bannon is preparing to do prison time for not complying with a congressional subpoena issued by the January 6 Committee.

The Post Millennial / Jun 6, 2024

News Analysis

Biden claims 'there is evidence' that China is 'meddling' in 2024 election

"Everybody, all the bad guys are rooting for Trump, man. Not a joke. Think about it."

Libby Emmons / Jun 5, 2024

News Analysis

Biden's trans diversity hire Rachel Levine has big plans for LGBTQ 'health equity' in a potential second term

They'll be looking to build on their recent successes.

Libby Emmons / Jun 5, 2024

News Analysis

Chief Justice Roberts declines to meet with Dem senators after they demand Alito recuse himself over media-made flag controversy

"I must respectfully decline your request for a meeting."

Libby Emmons / May 30, 2024

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