Idris Elba alludes to Sophie Trudeau giving him coronavirus

Idris Elba has alluded to his hunch that he contracted coronavirus from Sophie Gregoire, who recently tested positive in a video posted to his social media

Actor Idris Elb has alluded to his hunch that he contracted coronavirus from Sophie Gregoire, Prime Minister Trudeau's infected wife. In a video posted to his social media the star of Luther Elba said, “I know I’ve been exposed to it from March 4,” referring to the same date he and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau were photographed together at a bustling charity event in London. Lewis Hamilton, famous F1 star, can also being seen posing with them.

“That’s when the person that came up positive, that was the time I got in contact with that person,” stated Elba in an update, again reiterating that his “known exposure was March 4.”

Elba didn’t identify the person by name, however he did reveal that he got tested after hearing about someone being infected that is “also in the public eye.”

Results that he tested positive came to him on Friday, the same morning news broke that Canada’s first lady had tested positive for COVID-19.

“On Friday last week I was told that someone that I had been in contact with had tested positive,” he said.

“And I’m on location, about to start a film and the news breaks that this person, who is also in the public eye, had tested positive."

“My job made me test immediately. I had to test because it meant putting a lot of people at risk—if I had been exposed, then the people I was working with would also have been exposed,” he said, saying he immediately quarantined himself at home.

“I wasn’t showing any symptoms but I am very glad I made that decision [to get tested] because I have been out of contact with everyone since."

“The early testing is the way we need to approach this,” he said, highlighting the problem of the procedure proving difficult for many to get.

Elba said he was “feeling fine” if a little tired — but admitted he feared his asthma put him in the “high category of most at risk.”

“Of course I’m worried,” said Elba. “Catching corona was definitely not on my bucket list at all.”

Elba went on to stress the importance of practicing social distance and hygiene. He also added that despite it being a divided time, it's now time to "be thinking of each other"

The third person in that photo was racing driver Lewis Hamilton, however he has yet to comment on whether he's been tested.