Las Vegas strip club offers social distancing nude shows

A strip club in Las Vegas will stay open throughout the city's 30-day shutdown and will be offering drive-through strip shows and sanitized nude wrestling.

A strip club in Las Vegas will stay open throughout the city's 30-day shutdown, but instead they will alter their traditional services by offereing drive-through strip shows, according to Review Journal. The shutdown was recommended by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.

The strip club, called Little Darlings, will provide drive-through strip shows for those who wish to enjoy some adult entertainment, but do not want to enter the building. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people practice social distancing and keep 6 feet from one another for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. So lap dances are out.

“As funny as it sounds, Little Darlings has been around for 30 years and we pretty much sell out almost every night of the week,” said Ryan Carlson, director of Little Darlings operations. “It probably won’t be any busier than normal because, as I said, we kind of reach capacity every night anyway.”

“We’re going to offer drive-up window strip shows. Guests can drive up to the front door and we’re going to have dancers separate by the 6-foot separation rule and they can enjoy a totally nude show right from the seat of their car.”

The drive-through strips shows will last 10 minutes and cost $100 per patron, with tipping encouraged, as always. Saturday night will be the first showing, starting at 8 p.m.

Little Darlings has already being garnering a lot of attention because of their previous announcement which offered free hand sanitizers to club goers. They have even gone as far as to incorporate the sanitizer into their shows.

“On Saturday we’re doing nude triple-X hand sanitizer wrestling,” Carlson said. “We have about 20 gallons of hand sanitizer, and we’re doing a cool nude hand sanitizer wrestling show.”

Little Darlings says they are following the CDC’s recommended safety precautions, putting social distancing and disinfection as their top priority.

“Infinite number of precautions,” said Carlson. “Hand sanitizing stations probably every 15 feet, we’re taking everyone’s temperature at the front door. We’re doing hand washing with every entertainer and employee, probably every hour. This weekend we’re probably going to go to every 30 minutes. At the end of the day we’re complying with everything that’s been recommended by the CDC.”