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EXPOSED: Overpaid radical propagandist professors are plaguing Ontario universities

It is time that we stop paying six figure salaries to these destructive professors who prioritize feelings over facts and encourage students to be irrational.

EXPOSED: Overpaid radical propagandist professors are plaguing Ontario universities
Jonathan Bradley Montreal, QC
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The Sunshine List for 2019 has come out, and there are 166,977 public servants in Ontario on it. One large group of people on the Sunshine List is professors. There are professors on the Sunshine List who make six figure salaries all while spewing radical propaganda.

The Sunshine List is a database of all of the public sector employees in Ontario who make at least $100,000 per year. It is intended to shed light on some of the costs related to public sector employees.

Consider Kelly Train, a sociology contract lecturer at Ryerson University who made $188,149 in 2019. Train said in 2017 that then fourth-year business management student Jane Mathias could not use business sources to write an essay about the gender wage gap being a myth because “the reality is patriarchy.” The Post Millennial previously reported that Train has said domestic violence is always men abusing women, and she has dismissed students who provide examples of women abusing men.

Another radical professor is Pam Palmater, a politics and public administration professor at Ryerson who earned $167,098 in 2019. Palmater wrote an op-ed for Now in 2017 that had the headline “Canada 150 is a celebration of Indigenous genocide.” Palmater came into one of my politics classes and said that “Canada is an evil country.”

One of Ryerson’s nicknames is Social Justice U, but there are other radical professors at universities across Ontario. Consider Nathan Rambukkana, a communications studies assistant professor at Wilfrid Laurier University who made $109,852 in 2019. Rambukkana said in 2017 to then communications studies teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd that playing a clip with University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson in it to her tutorial was “like neutrally playing a speech by Hitler.”

Why are these professors making exorbitant salaries while peddling nonsense? It is time that we stop paying six figure salaries to these professors, because they are being destructive. They are prioritizing feelings over facts and encouraging students to be irrational.

Some students end up learning from these professors to disregard evidence. They cannot gain critical thinking skills, so they are unable to search for the truth.

Think about what would happen to students in Train’s classes. Train teaches students that the gender wage gap exists because of patriarchy, and they might be convinced this is true. They are inhibited from recognizing that individual choices might cause the gender wage gap to exist.

These professors are creating division. They are creating an environment where certain people are treated as outsiders. They label people as outsiders by saying that those with different views are bigots. Some students develop an "us versus them" mentality which entices people to engage in identity politics.

These students might think that they should not associate with people who disagree with their world views. This causes students to become polarized. Open inquiry is stifled by these professors who prohibit students from thinking for themselves.

Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali was asked in 2015 by television host Bill Maher on Real Time with Bill Maher about the state of debate on American college campuses. Hirsi Ali said it was disturbing that some colleges have professors who do not value debate. Hirsi Ali said, “Students need to go to college to learn how to think, not what to think.”

These radical professors who make six figure salaries are teaching students what to think, not how to think. Learning what to think is indoctrination, but how to think builds intelligence and critical thinking skills.

These radical professors have forgotten the definitions of teaching and learning. Tolerance is defined in many dictionaries as the ability to live with people who have opinions and lifestyles different from your own. These professors have confused tolerance with acceptance.

Universities should prioritize hiring professors who believe in tolerance. These professors would present all sides of a topic to students, and they would be encouraged to think for themselves. These professors identify as classical liberals, libertarians, and conservatives, and it is up to them to save universities.

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