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Sobeys reinstates pay increase for front-line workers, says it's 'the right thing to do'

The grocery store chain said the bonus is a temporary program that rewards employees for the amount of time they work during the lockdown period.

Jonathan Bradley / Apr 13, 2021

Canadian News, News

Alberta Crown attorneys drop COVID-19 tickets

All COVID-19-related tickets issued to protestors in Alberta that the JCCF has defended have been withdrawn by Crown attorneys before trial.

Jonathan Bradley / Mar 10, 2021

Canadian News, News

University of Toronto uses anti-Israel terrorist's image to advertise event

The PFLP is recognized as a designated terrorist entity in Canada. The PFLP was formed in 1967, and its goals are to destroy Israel and establish a communist government in Palestine.

Jonathan Bradley / Mar 4, 2021

Canadian News, News

British Columbia sees record number of deaths from drug overdoses in January

An average of 5.3 lives were lost each day in January due to the toxic drug supply in British Columbia.

Jonathan Bradley / Mar 2, 2021

Canadian News, News

Ford government increases support for transit across the province

Ontario is calling on the Canadian government to match this additional funding to ensure municipal financial needs continue to be met.

Jonathan Bradley / Mar 2, 2021

Canadian News, News

Ford government proposes election law reforms

Attorney General Doug Downey said in the press release that Ontario voters should determine election outcomes, not third parties.

Jonathan Bradley / Feb 26, 2021

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San Francisco faces lawsuit over renaming schools to erase 'racist' past

People disagree with this decision because schools have not reopened, and say renaming schools is the wrong priority, not that it is wrong in general.

Jonathan Bradley / Feb 6, 2021

Canadian News, News

Ford government's escalated enforcement on Waterloo church faces challenge from Justice Centre

The JCCF said that the Ontario government—since March—has failed to provide evidence that lockdown benefits outweigh the harms.

Jonathan Bradley / Jan 31, 2021

News, American News

Ruling upheld to invalidate Dakota Access pipeline

An American federal appeals court on Tuesday declined to cancel the Dakota Access Pipeline even as it upheld a ruling from a lower court throwing out a decision allowing its construction.

Jonathan Bradley / Jan 27, 2021

News Analysis

USA powerlifting sued for not allowing gender-nonconforming biological males to compete against women

The gender-nonconforming biological male athlete JayCee Cooper identifies as transgender would prefer to compete against women. Cooper and the Gender Justice believe this is Cooper's right.

Jonathan Bradley / Jan 18, 2021

News, American News

New York City to cancel Trump contracts

New York City is working on cancelling its business contracts with the Trump Organization because of last week's US Capitol riots, said Mayor Bill de Blasio at a press conference on Tuesday.

Jonathan Bradley / Jan 13, 2021

Canadian News, News

Justice Centre files lawsuit against BC government over restrictions on gatherings

The JCCF will represent more than a dozen individuals and faith communities who have been issued multiple tickets of up to $2,300 for allegedly violating public health orders.

Jonathan Bradley / Jan 12, 2021

Canadian News, News

London, Ontario hospital president ousted after international travel

The board of directors did not have advance notice of Woods’ trips, and they did not approve his travel.

Jonathan Bradley / Jan 12, 2021

Canadian News, News

Ford government launches COVID-19 testing program at Pearson Airport

Premier Doug Ford said in the press release this COVID-19 testing program will help Ontario to identify and stop the spread of the virus in the province.

Jonathan Bradley / Jan 7, 2021

Canadian News, News

Canada's top doc calls pregnant women 'pregnant people' in tweet about flu shot

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam referred to pregnant women as "pregnant people" when tweeting about the flu on Tuesday.

Jonathan Bradley / Jan 6, 2021

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