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News Analysis

Trump-hating, Biden and BLM-supporting NPR CEO pushes back against ‘woke’ allegations

"This person is a crazy racist!"

Libby Emmons / Apr 14, 2024

News Analysis

Salon blames 'men punching random women in NYC' on MAGA

"Unleashed by Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, there's an upswell of loud male entitlement shouting at us from every corner."

Libby Emmons / Apr 8, 2024

News Analysis

Over 400 Canadian musicians and artists sign letter opposing 'anti-trans legislation in Canada'—there isn't any

Signees included Tegan and Sara, Alanis Morissette, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan, k.d. lang, and Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Apr 4, 2024

News Analysis

SNIFFER-IN-CHIEF: Biden creeps on young child at White House Easter Egg Roll

In 2023, Biden was seen in a similar situation, leaning uncomfortably close to a child.

Hannah Nightingale / Apr 1, 2024

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Washington Post takes aim at 'Star-Spangled Banner' writer Francis Scott Key after namesake Baltimore bridge collapse

Because of his mixed record on racial issues, monuments to Key have been defaced, and critics have called for institutions named after him to be renamed.

Madeline Martin / Mar 30, 2024

News Analysis

Secret RCMP report suggests Canadians may revolt in response to worsening economic conditions

The report notes that "many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live."

Jarryd Jaeger / Mar 29, 2024

News Analysis

CFR DEBATE: War hawks argue Americans must fund Ukrainians to die for their freedom—Mearsheimer says war is unwinnable at any cost

"Ukrainians are choosing to die for their freedom. That is their choice. We have to give them the tools to fight for their freedom."

Libby Emmons / Mar 29, 2024

News Analysis

Canada's Globe and Mail claims consequence of 'excessive free speech' is more Trump-like candidates

So why is The Globe and Mail obsessing about excessive free speech and not about the Online Harms Act?

David Krayden / Mar 24, 2024

News Analysis

Fmr NBC exec deletes tweet lusting after 18-year-old Barron Trump

"Barron Trump turns 18 today. He's fair game now."

Katie Daviscourt / Mar 20, 2024

News Analysis

Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford doubles down on rape allegations in new memoir

Ford had attempted to stop the Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court in 2018 with accusations that he had raped her at a party when they were both teenagers. 

Libby Emmons / Mar 20, 2024

News Analysis

Biden admin tackles tough problem of McDonald's ice cream machine repairs

The Biden administration is set to crack down on why McDonald's ice cream machines are always broken.

Hayden Cunningham / Mar 16, 2024

News Analysis

BREAKING: Notorious race hoaxer Shaun King converts to Islam on first night of Ramadan

King self-identifies as black and formerly performed the role of a Christian pastor.

The Post Millennial / Mar 10, 2024

News Analysis

‘Low IQ’ Robert De Niro cries over possibility of Trump getting elected, says he just doesn’t want to feel bad again like 2016

On HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Robert De Niro called Donald Trump a "total monster."

Hayden Cunningham / Mar 9, 2024

News Analysis

Jen Psaki, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid mock Virginia GOP voters for saying immigration is top concern

"Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia," Rachel Maddow quipped.

Jarryd Jaeger / Mar 6, 2024

News Analysis

MUST WATCH: James O'Keefe EXPOSES Judge Engoron 'creeping' on women in Long Island gym

The source revealed that Engoron "makes it a point to go up to any young girl possible every single visit."

The Post Millennial / Feb 28, 2024

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