WATCH: Vice journalist breaks all four rules of gun safety in one second

In “Who Killed the Smart Gun”, Vice journalist Brian Anderson toys around with guns, eventually pulling the trigger while pointing a gun at a cameraman.

Those familiar with guns will know about the responsibilities that come along with being at a gun range. While hitting the shooting range can be a fun time for those who know what they’re doing, there are set-in-stone rules that should not be broken at any time.

While some may be up to debate or deemed more important than others, the four that all can agree on are as follows: Never point a gun at something you aren’t willing to shoot, Keep your safety on until you’re ready to fire, finger off the trigger until ready to fire, and always treat a gun like it’s loaded.

Those rules need not apply to Vice journalists, though.

In a video titled “Who Killed the Smart Gun” by Motherboard, a tech-blog under the Vice umbrella, journalist Brian Anderson toys around with guns in a shop, pointing them at anything he feels appropriate.

He then points the gun, which appears to be Thompson submachine gun with an empty drum-style magazine on it, and pulls the trigger.

Anderson then laughs off the incident, saying “I didn’t think it was going to do that.”

The clip comes from a 2017 documentary and was unearthed by Twitter user Julio Rosas. The documentary explored the idea of “smart guns,” guns that are designed to fire in the hands of authorized users.

The full documentary can be seen here: