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Joseph Fang

Toronto Ontario


Canadian jurors who face mental health issues should be able to talk about it

Jury duty is mandatory in Canada. Jurors should have the right to talk about the case they served on to a professional mental health professional.

Joseph Fang / Jan 29, 2020


Why can’t Trudeau call a terrorist a terrorist?

For several years now, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been struggling to designate the notorious IRGC as a terrorist entity. This must end.

Joseph Fang / Jan 20, 2020

Opinion, International News, Politics & Policy

Watchdog: The mainstream media is a mouthpiece for China

Freedom House released a new report this week warning that several of the largest are serving as propaganda outlets for the Chinese government.

Joseph Fang / Jan 16, 2020

Opinion, American News, Politics & Policy

How social justice is making homelessness worse in Seattle

Seattle has a prolific homeless offenders problem—one made worse by a light on crime approach championed by progressive activists in elected office.

Joseph Fang / Dec 19, 2019

Canadian News

CIBC forced to pay former employee who claimed anti-straight discrimination

Former CIBC employee, Aaren Jagadeesh, claims he was told by his manager that male promotions were reserved for either gay or bisexual men.

Joseph Fang / Dec 9, 2019

Canadian News, News, Politics & Policy

Ford's sex-ed curriculum brings in Exemption policy and leaves repealed Liberal policy "largely unchanged"

The conservative government’s sex-ed program closely mirrors similar alterations executed by their Liberal predecessors.

Joseph Fang / Aug 21, 2019

Canadian News, News

Ontario boy's lemonade stand attracts a crowd of first responders

As refreshments were being served to local residents, the young cancer fighter had to cover his ears when a flood of first responders began parading down his street.

Joseph Fang / Aug 21, 2019

Canadian News, News

"Useless Indian" among racist signs found by indigenous community

The day the signs were found the community had planned lessons in tipis, pipe ceremonies, bannock making, and a sweat lodge ceremony for men.

Joseph Fang / Aug 14, 2019

Canadian News, News, Culture

"Tired of being fat and ugly?" asks Edmonton sign accused of fatshaming

The man who put up the sign said it would not be changed claiming it was not “hate speech.”

Joseph Fang / Jul 26, 2019

Canadian News

$10 million in drugs seized in Canada's largest-ever fentanyl bust

10 kilograms of fentanyl, one kilogram of methamphetamine, 30 kilograms of cannabis, and 1.3 kilograms of heroin were confiscated by the RCMP.

Joseph Fang / Jul 26, 2019

Canadian News, Culture

These are the eight new inductees to Canada's Walk of Fame

Eight Canadians have gotten a little more famous

Joseph Fang / Jul 19, 2019

American News

Disney heiress details Disneyland's deplorable working conditions

Life at Disney, she says, is hardly a heartening fairy-tale.

Joseph Fang / Jul 19, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Trudeau's choices in the defence of Quebec's religious symbols

In a thorny battle, the quietude of the federal government has been rebuked.

Joseph Fang / Jul 18, 2019

Canadian News, International News

Cambodia is angry about Canada's waste on its shores

Cambodia is protesting 1600 tons of waste from Canada and the US

Joseph Fang / Jul 17, 2019

American News

U.S. police warn that flushing drugs down the toilet could cause "meth-gators"

Tennessee's hard working “sewer guys ... are not really prepared for meth” in the water.

Joseph Fang / Jul 16, 2019

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