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Julian Vigo

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Opinion, Discourse, #badge-discourse

The media's attempt to cast Jacob Blake as a hero harms the woman he assaulted

How did liberal and left-wing media entirely eclipse the fact that Jacob Blake was being pursued by the police for a crime?

Julian Vigo / Sep 20, 2020

Opinion, Culture

The left has abandoned class concerns in favour of race essentialism

Recent left social and political analyses have foregone historical materialism for a political interpretation that relies upon a tacit form of emotional blackmail to produce consensus surrounding identity politics.

Julian Vigo / Jul 28, 2020

Opinion, Culture

How virtue-signaling orthodoxy and the latest inquisition have taken over discourse

Our current political challenge is not to see that racism persists constantly at all levels of cultural and political life, but to admit that it doesn’t.

Julian Vigo / Jul 12, 2020

Opinion, Culture

The left only loves science when it suits their cause

We saw the left censor talk of science regarding gender identity. Then they shifted to allegiance to science during the pandemic. Raise your hand if you got whiplash watching this bait and switch.

Julian Vigo / Jun 19, 2020

Opinion, International News

Leftist authoritarianism blossoms under coronavirus restrictions

In an era of a global pandemic we have been seeing the push for authoritarianism from the part of the political spectrum which had previously decried it: the left.

Julian Vigo / Jun 8, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

Parents find no reprieve in partial reopening

The lag in reopening society takes a greater toll on parents, who find that mixing homeschooling, work and restrictions takes a drastic mental health toll.

Julian Vigo / May 9, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion

Italian social-distancing ordinances are more confusing than helpful

Italians are not taking social distancing seriously because there are simply too many government communications that are inordinately confusing.

Julian Vigo / Apr 15, 2020


What we can learn from Italy's coronavirus catastrophe

We will only survive this by living for a suspended moment in a new Draconion order. We must learn from to repress our western impulse to think we know it all. We don’t.

Julian Vigo / Mar 22, 2020

Opinion, Culture, International News

Social media used to silence the debate on women’s civil rights

For the left to redeem itself, we must advocate for freedom of conscience and for women’s ability to fight for their civil rights.

Julian Vigo / Mar 2, 2020

Opinion, Culture

How to stage a study: The transgender lobby in British academia

An enormous amount of money has been thrown at academics who are using public funds for political activism within a dishonestly formulated project.

Julian Vigo / Dec 4, 2019

Pronoun madness: the left’s collapse into narcissism

It is time to pull the plug on this movement because they is not only grammatically incorrect, but they is wrong.

Julian Vigo / Sep 24, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Why We Need Dave Chappelle

the one thing that Chappelle’s show demonstrates is that words actually never will never hurt you unless you are a soulless, control freak who probably ought to rethink participating in civil society.

Julian Vigo / Sep 13, 2019

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