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Spencer Fernando

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Fortin's departure the latest debacle for Canada's moribund military

Once one of the world’s most powerful armed forces, which participated in some of the most important battles of world history, the CAF is now consumed by scandal.

Spencer Fernando / May 17, 2021


No self-respecting person can see Trudeau’s 'one-dose summer' as anything other than an admission of failure

Just last month, Trudeau was talking about everyone being vaccinated by the end of summer.

Spencer Fernando / May 13, 2021


The submissiveness of Canadians puts our rights in peril

As you can imagine, a country that is mentally unwell, physically unfit, submissive, and angry, is an absolute mess.

Spencer Fernando / May 10, 2021


$69 BILLION to create 74,000 jobs? The astounding inefficiency of the Liberal budget

The Liberals are hoping the next election has come and gone by the time we really start paying the price for this rampant deficit binge.

Spencer Fernando / May 7, 2021


How Canada's politicians and health officials repeatedly blew their credibility

Trudeau, Tam, Hajdu, and others in the government repeatedly said the virus was "low-risk," would be "contained," and opposed border closures.

Spencer Fernando / May 5, 2021


Under different names, wearing different guises, communism is a rising threat

Where we are hyper-vigilant to fascism, we are blissfully ignorant to the threat of communism and the warning signs of its approach.

Spencer Fernando / May 4, 2021


Guilbeault's nightmare interview happened because he cannot admit the real reason for Bill C-10

It is not that Guilbeault did not have any answers, its that he didn’t have any answers that could be revealed to the public.

Spencer Fernando / May 3, 2021

Opinion, News

DEFUND: CBC 'race war' segment is yet another reason we shouldn’t be forced to pay for such horrendous content

CBC has every right to exist if they can succeed with voluntary contributions. But forcing people to pay for something we don’t watch is a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 29, 2021


Why the hell would we trust the Trudeau Liberals with the Emergencies Act?

Why would we keep giving more power to those who have proven themselves incompetent?

Spencer Fernando / Apr 22, 2021


Reject Doug Ford’s police state

This is clearly an assault on the Charter of Rights And Freedoms, with Doug Ford going 100 percent all-in on an authoritarian police-state policy.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 17, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

O'Toole's 'government-knows-best' carbon tax scheme is anti-Conservative Party

A key aspect of Conservative ideology has been that people should be trusted with their own money, and that decisions on how to spend that money are best made by those who earn that money in the first place.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 15, 2021


The Trudeau Liberals want Canadians fully dependent on big government

The Liberals have moved to make a Universal Basic Income their official party policy.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 15, 2021


China is exploiting the weakness of the Trudeau Liberals

China has tested the Canadian government and has clearly found it to lack strength.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 6, 2021


Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other foreign oil producers are in love with Trudeau's carbon tax

In effect, the carbon tax makes Canadians poorer while enriching foreign energy-producing nations.

Spencer Fernando / Mar 29, 2021


Trudeau's legacy: Humiliation, weakness, and an abandonment of our values

Selling out and get nothing in return is a total disaster. That’s what we are seeing with the China policy of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando / Mar 22, 2021

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