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Spencer Fernando

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The far-left has been indoctrinated to hate Canada and don't even believe it should exist

They hate Canada. They don’t think Canada should even exist. And if you’re a common-sense person who loves our country, they hate you too.

Spencer Fernando / Sep 1, 2020


CBC has a real conflict of interest in covering Erin O'Toole—will they do Trudeau’s bidding again?

CBC staff covering O’Toole in the election stand to lose their jobs if O’Toole wins. And this puts them in a serious conflict of interest.

Spencer Fernando / Aug 26, 2020


Things will keep getting worse until Trudeau resigns

This was about saving Trudeau’s career, nothing more. While Freeland may end up doing all the work, Trudeau is still responsible in the end.

Spencer Fernando / Aug 18, 2020


Trudeau skips Scheer's last day as Opposition Leader in House, repeating election night snub

Rather than make-do with the large number of days he has off, Trudeau is even skipping the rare sitting days, staying on vacation as the House returns.

Spencer Fernando / Aug 12, 2020


Twitter decided to label state-affiliated media, but not the CBC. Why?

CBC should be labelled as “state-affiliated media.” CBC is controlled by the Canadian federal government. The board is appointed by the government.

Spencer Fernando / Aug 7, 2020


Poilievre’s grilling of Trudeau a reminder of what’s missing from the Conservative race

Tweets about Poilievre’s grilling of Trudeau generated a big response, with clips shared widely, and many people either praising or criticizing Poilievre.

Spencer Fernando / Aug 3, 2020


Canadians are remembering why Justin Trudeau was so unpopular

Trudeau’s ethical problems, arrogance, refusal to listen to differing viewpoints, and demonizing of Canadians who oppose him all contributed to his status as an unpopular political figure.

Spencer Fernando / Jul 28, 2020


Disastrous Morneau testimony deepens WE Charity scandal

"Morneau expects a life of luxury, which we saw years ago when he forgot to disclose the fact that he owns a villa in France. But this is more than just elitism or arrogance. This is now a pattern of behaviour with the Liberals."

Spencer Fernando / Jul 22, 2020


Trudeau and Morneau see themselves as rulers, not servants

When they violate the rules, they think there should be no punishment. In their view of things, rules are for those “below them.”

Spencer Fernando / Jul 17, 2020


The WE Charity scandal will sink the Trudeau ship

We now have a direct record of WE giving money to Trudeau’s family members in the years leading up to Trudeau’s decision to give them a massive government contract.

Spencer Fernando / Jul 10, 2020


Trudeau's charity scandal latest evidence he thinks rules don't apply to him

It’s the kind of thing that almost nobody could get away with, and something the government would certainly punish any of us for doing. Yet, for Trudeau, he seems to think it’s totally okay.

Spencer Fernando / Jul 1, 2020


Trudeau cares more about a worthless UN seat than he does about Canadians

"Even if Canada rarely sided against our allies and voted with China (always possible under Trudeau), our allies would simply vote against it, cancelling it out."

Spencer Fernando / Jun 17, 2020


Trudeau's foreign minister owes China over $1 MILLION ?—why hasn't he been fired?

"Why does Champagne have something almost no other person in Canada has, a mortgage with China? Why does he have two of them? Why is he so pro-China?"

Spencer Fernando / Jun 12, 2020


Trudeau believes Canada is committing genocide. So why does he want a genocidal state on the UN Security Council?

"He is simultaneously claiming that Canada is a genocidal state, and claiming that Canada is a beacon to the world that deserves a UN Security Council seat."

Spencer Fernando / Jun 3, 2020


Selfish Liberal and NDP politicians give themselves a summer vacation while the rest of us face ongoing crisis

Liberal and NDP politicians have decided to go on vacation, stop doing their jobs, and break any solidarity that could have existed between our leaders and the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando / May 28, 2020

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