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Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau puts globalization ahead of Canadians, making our nation vulnerable

"Justin Trudeau appears to be doubling down on the same unsustainable agenda of endless globalization."

Spencer Fernando / May 21, 2020


Tragic Snowbirds crash shows Canadian Armed Forces deserve better funding, equipment

Amid our national grief, there is a growing recognition that our heroic armed forces members deserve much better equipment, both for their safety and for the effective defence of our nation.

Spencer Fernando / May 19, 2020


Fake outrage over Bryan Adams should be directed towards Chinese Communist Party

As every loyal and patriotic Canadian can clearly see, the outrage should be directed towards the Chinese Communist Party, not Bryan Adams.

Spencer Fernando / May 12, 2020


Criminals are loving Justin Trudeau’s gun grab

The federal government is now going to expend gigantic amounts of money, time, and political capital to take guns away from Canadians who follow the law.

Spencer Fernando / May 5, 2020


Trudeau Liberals may use your taxpayer dollars to reward the CCP-corrupted WHO

You can clearly see that the WHO has been corrupted by the CCP, as it is simply a fact based on all the evidence.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 28, 2020


Trudeau Liberals politicize and exploit tragedy for political gain

The Liberals repeatedly pretend that our gun laws are the same as in the United States, despite the immense differences.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 23, 2020


Trudeau's admiration of China and WHO will damage Canada forever

The government continues to follow the WHO, and continues to give money to that failed and discredited organization.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 17, 2020


Justin Trudeau should be fined for breaking coronavirus rules just like regular Canadians

Justin Trudeau’s visit to the Harrington Lake cottage is an example of that arrogant elitist attitude.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 14, 2020


Canadians are paying the price for WHO's failure and they must be defunded, replaced

"The WHO was focused above all on spreading the message of the Chinese Communist Party. Their advice was wrong, and then late, and then simply useless."

Spencer Fernando / Apr 9, 2020


If all Theresa Tam is doing is following the WHO, what is Canada paying her for?

In short, she was a follower, not a leader, at a time when Canada needs leaders more than ever. This raises further questions.

Spencer Fernando / Apr 2, 2020


If the government is telling you to stay home, they should send you $2,000 NOW

If you’re being told to stay home by the government, why should you have to apply for financial support when your financial problems were caused by the government order?

Spencer Fernando / Mar 24, 2020


Canada must stop depending on China, our enemy

We cannot continue to be dependent on China, a nation led by a government that is clearly our enemy.

Spencer Fernando / Mar 18, 2020


Now would be a good time to have a serious leader like Stephen Harper in charge

At such an unstable and dangerous moment, Canada could certainly benefit from having a serious person like Harper at the helm.

Spencer Fernando / Mar 10, 2020


The Trudeau government just legitimized men silencing Indigenous women

The Trudeau government is negotiating with male chiefs who stripped the leadership titles of women who supported the Coastal GasLink project.

Spencer Fernando / Mar 2, 2020


By elevating extremists, Trudeau betrays Indigenous Canadians

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rewarded lawless behaviour, so Canadians should expect a lot more headaches courtesy of #ShutDownCanada.

Spencer Fernando / Feb 18, 2020

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