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Spencer Fernando

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Opinion, News Analysis

Trudeau Liberals' fiscal update puts Canada on path of debt and stagnation

The Trudeau Liberals are piling on the debt, while imposing policies that will severely weaken growth, making it extremely difficult for our country to handle that debt.

Spencer Fernando / Dec 3, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Trudeau caught lying to Canadians about vaccines

Currently, Ottawa says 3 million Canadians might be vaccinated by March 2021—and they call that "optimistic."

Spencer Fernando / Nov 27, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

China vote puts Trudeau Liberals offside of growing Canadian consensus

The fact that the Conservatives, Greens, NDP, Bloc, and some Liberals all agreed shows that there is in also a growing Canadian consensus on China.

Spencer Fernando / Nov 20, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

A 'great reset' is incompatible with democracy

Trudeau is giving the clear impression that there is an agenda being imposed on Canada from the outside, an agenda we didn’t have a chance to vote on, and that we don’t control.

Spencer Fernando / Nov 16, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Until our leaders have 'skin in the game,' the corruption will continue

The fines doled out by the Ethics Commissioner are laughable, with people being "punished" with just $500 fines for violating ethics laws.

Spencer Fernando / Nov 11, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Justin Trudeau is an enemy of Canadian values

Canada is a nation fundamentally built upon freedom, a tradition passed down from Western Civilization, with free expression as a cornerstone of our society.

Spencer Fernando / Nov 3, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Do as I say, not as Hajdu

Hypocrisy appears to be the defining trait of the Liberal government. It’s deeply embedded in everything the Liberals do.

Spencer Fernando / Oct 27, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

O'Toole gets tough on China while Trudeau shows gutless cowardice

O’Toole is showing strong leadership with his tough response, as he makes it clear that Canada won’t be threatened and pushed around.

Spencer Fernando / Oct 19, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Jagmeet Singh has squandered what Jack Layton worked so hard to build

Layton took over the NDP when it was a weak, nearly-fringe organization, and slowly but surely built it up until a huge breakthrough was reached in 2011.

Spencer Fernando / Oct 9, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

If Trudeau remains in power, massive tax hikes are inevitable

And those tax hikes will hit working class and middle class Canadians.

Spencer Fernando / Oct 6, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Amid massive deficits, Trudeau gives more of your money to foreign countries

The Canadian government is supposed to exist to serve the Canadian people, not foreign countries, and not foreign interests like the United Nations.

Spencer Fernando / Sep 30, 2020


Trudeau's address to the nation was first speech of unofficial pre-election campaign

After years of division, Trudeau had a chance to seek more common-ground and unity across the political spectrum, and he instead chose the opposite.

Spencer Fernando / Sep 25, 2020


Beware the poison pills in Trudeau's upcoming throne speech

"If Justin Trudeau had been an honest and reasonable politician, this kind of distrust wouldn’t be necessary. If he had kept his word and kept his promises, then he would get the benefit of the doubt."

Spencer Fernando / Sep 21, 2020


Is Erin O’Toole reshaping the political spectrum?

"O’Toole is making clear and open appeals to Canadian workers, recognizing that the traditional political paradigms no longer work."

Spencer Fernando / Sep 15, 2020


Trudeau’s race-based entrepreneurship funding is the definition of systemic racism

This is the literal definition of systemic racism, as Trudeau is using government power to create a race-based program designed to benefit one race of people while leaving others out

Spencer Fernando / Sep 10, 2020

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