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Spencer Fernando

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Trudeau Liberals' quarantine hotels are egregious abuse of government power

While criminals were let out of jails, innocent Canadian citizens are effectively being jailed.

Spencer Fernando / Mar 8, 2021


Trudeau’s dangerous economic experiment will burden Canada for years

What we are seeing is an economic experiment being pushed by a government that seems to believe "things are different," and that usual economic rules do not apply.

Spencer Fernando / Mar 2, 2021


China’s response to Uyghur genocide declaration motion shows how much Trudeau has weakened Canada on the world stage

Trudeau made this easy for China, as they can simply point out that Canada’s leader has accused his own country of genocide while not accusing China of genocide.

Spencer Fernando / Feb 23, 2021


Trudeau says Canada is committing genocide, but refuses to say the same about China

Justin Trudeau was willing to claim that Canada is committing genocide, at the very moment he is in charge of the federal government of this country.

Spencer Fernando / Feb 17, 2021


Trudeau's mistake in trusting China has put Canada in a desperate position—the Novavax deal doesn't change that

Justin Trudeau made the decision to put his trust in China, at a moment when the world was reeling due to a virus that spread from China

Spencer Fernando / Feb 4, 2021


Erin O’Toole risks depressing party base without winning new support

The Conservatives face serious risks if they are seen as abandoning or moving too far from their core supporters.

Spencer Fernando / Jan 27, 2021


Trudeau’s response to Keystone XL cancellation will deepen Canada’s regional divides

Many in Western Canada feel left out of Canada, not simply in an electoral sense, but due to the behaviour of the federal government.

Spencer Fernando / Jan 23, 2021


O'Toole's removal of Sloan is the kind of dishonesty that makes people despise politics

He already has the leadership of the party, and is seeking to undo his previous "True Blue" branding and reframe himself and the party as centrists.

Spencer Fernando / Jan 19, 2021


Exemption for Meng Wanzhou's family once again shows there's one set of rules for the elites, and another for the rest of us

According to the government, “Ms. Meng’s family was authorized by IRCC officials to travel to Canada.”

Spencer Fernando / Jan 14, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Canada's hypocritical politicians are drunk with power, and we must take that power away from them

While they tell us to stay home, they travel overseas. While they tell us to avoid our families, they gather with their families.

Spencer Fernando / Jan 7, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Politicians travelling during lockdowns show contempt for the rest of us

Politicians of all stripes are far too insulated from the pain caused by their policies, and have exempted themselves from the suffering of the rest of the population.

Spencer Fernando / Dec 31, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Canada's political parties have been fully purged of free-thinking people

Canada’s political system has been purged of free-thinking people, while free thinking people see no reason to enter politics in the first place.

Spencer Fernando / Dec 28, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Trudeau giving away $485 million more in foreign aid is a slap in the face to Indigenous communities still lacking clean drinking water

Trudeau and the Liberals should be ashamed of their betrayal of Indigenous Canadians.

Spencer Fernando / Dec 15, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

Trudeau moves from China’s 'useful Idiot' to something more dangerous

We’ve heard every "justification" from Liberal apologists for Justin Trudeau’s disturbingly weak and subservient attitude towards China.

Spencer Fernando / Dec 11, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

The political and corporate elites are engaged in vicious class warfare against small business owners and working Canadians

Regular hard-working Canadians, small business owners and workers in the private sector, are being crushed, with all the damage and all the pain being directed against them.

Spencer Fernando / Dec 8, 2020

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