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Travis Gladue-Beauregard

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Canadian News, Politics & Policy

Bonnyville to leave the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Not only is western alienation from the federal government been troubling Albertans lately, but Alberta’s rural municipalities are also feeling the disconnect from their eastern counterparts.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Nov 30, 2019

American News, International News

Congresswoman Deb Haaland working to restore Indigenous Olympian Jim Thorpe’s medals

Democrat Congresswoman Deb Haaland has brought forward a resolution to acknowledge the achievements of James “Jim” Thorpe.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Nov 27, 2019

Highlights of Métis Week in Alberta

A look at the events that took place in the past week to commemorate the Metis of Alberta.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Nov 18, 2019


The Liberals are dogmatists, not experts when it comes to climate change

McKenna’s campaign of climate panic is sadly par for the course for her throughout her term as the Environment and Climate Minister.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Oct 15, 2019

Canadian News

Canadian football team offering scholarship to indigenous student-athletes

To this day, relatively little is known about “Indian” Jack Jacobs – a first-class inductee into the CFL Hall of Fame.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Oct 15, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

Kenney follows through on $1 billion campaign promise to indigenous people

As part of this pledge, Indigenous nations will be given $1 billion in loan guarantees to help kickstart Indigenous involvement in crucial resource projects.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Oct 9, 2019

Politics & Policy

From a life of struggle to achieving her political dream: Cyara Bird’s journey

The Post Millennial sat down with Indigenous candidate for the Conservative Party Cyara Bird, to discuss overcoming challenges and fighting for the rights of First Nations communities.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Sep 30, 2019

Canadian News

Alberta Indigenous communities buy into Transmission Line

Northern Alberta First Nation and Metis communities have purchased forty percent of the 508-km transmission line.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Sep 23, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

The mainstream media’s double standard

Now, when we have a story about Prime Minister Trudeau’s wrongdoings, in which he admits he did something wrong, the mainstream media are reporting without any subtle digs at the PM.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Sep 20, 2019

Politics & Policy, Business & Finance

B.C. Liberal MLA on LNG Pipeline and resource development

As an Indigenous man himself, Ross has been a long-time proponent of Indigenous involvement in developing pipelines.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Aug 20, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Northern Saskatchewan First Nation suffering under corrupt, inept leadership

While the case ultimately went nowhere, due to the main whistleblower, Larry Iron, backing off his earlier affidavits stating that he had engaged in vote-buying to help the chief and council gain re-election, the community was left with a leadership that many felt was “illegitimate.”

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Aug 16, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy, Business & Finance

Lack of transparency around Calgary Flames arena: Canadian Taxpayers Federation

“Many arenas have been built privately in Canada, and there’s no reason why it can’t be done in Calgary as well. So, Calgary can get the benefits of a new arena without having to risk taxpayer money on it.”

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Jul 26, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

A ‘climate crisis’ agenda by AFN Yukon – manufactured or necessary?

Chief Dana Tizya-Tramm has made the appeal to all branches of government, stating, “Gwich’in wealth is measured in our rivers, in our animals and in our lands being healthy.”

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Jul 25, 2019

Canadian News

Interview with Sask. MP Rosemarie Falk

On May 30th, 2018, Rosemarie Falk’s infamous high-five drew mass outrage from her political opponents, who were quick to associate the gesture with the Conservative vote on Bill C-262.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Jun 21, 2019

Despite some opposition from BC’s Indigenous bands, most see the benefits to the oil and gas industry

“I’m doing this for a purpose. I’m doing this to get my people out of poverty and trying to get us to a better place,” said former First Nation Chief Ellis Ross.

Travis Gladue-Beauregard / Jun 19, 2019

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