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Privacy and free speech are under attack.
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3 hours ago

James Lindsay slams wokeness, critical race theory at YAF conference

"You know when you get right with yourselves you can't get lost in these manipulations," James Lindsay told students at the 43rd annual Young America's Foundation conference.

Libby Emmons
a day ago

Chris Chan admits to raping mother, set to be placed in women's prison

Flash forward to 2021: Chris was recently arrested for admitting on tape to raping his 80 year-old mother who has dementia. Chan was filed as a female by the police.

Blaire White
2 days ago

'Gonzo' character from Muppet Show comes back as princess 'Gonzorella' for Muppet Babies series

"Muppet Babies", a television show meant for children, has recently reworked the "Gonzo" character into the princess "Gonzorella."

James Anthony
3 days ago

Win or lose, Laurel Hubbard should not be competing in women's sports

At issue here is more than a few gold medals. What's at stake, fully and in a very real way, is the definition of the word woman and the female body.

Libby Emmons
7 days ago

Trans scholar writes essay threatening violence against women, gets featured by prominent university

"Picture this, I hold a knife to your throat and spit my transness into your ear. Does that turn you on? Are you scared? I sure fucking hope so," wrote Matt Thompson in his paper for the London School of Economics.

Libby Emmons
10 days ago

JK Rowling sent violent threats by trans activists

Recently a Twitter user said he wished her a "very nice pipebomb in mailbox," the Harry Potter creator responded with sarcasm.

Nicole Russell
13 days ago

Conflicting reports over 'The View' having a hard time replacing Meghan McCain

'It's chaos behind the scenes at The View. Joy Behar is openly moaning about Meghan leaving as it's finally hit her that sometimes it is better the devil you know.”

Nick Monroe
15 days ago

Amazon Kindle promoting social justice titles to children

Amazon's Kindle readers are filling the top pages of free recommendations for kids with radical children’s books, designed to train a generation of activists.

Ari Hoffman
18 days ago

Vagina Museum seeks to erase women's health from public discourse

Doctors for decades overlooked the differences between male and female bodies other than in regards to reproduction. The Vagina Museum would have women's health again regulated to the dustbin of the undiscussable.

Libby Emmons
18 days ago

Feminism is erasing women

Real feminism has joined the progressive culture war and has left many women behind. Feminists shame other women for taking on even the slightest expression of traditional gender roles.

Jessica Swietoniowski
19 days ago

Amazon workers quit, booksellers apologize over book that seeks better mental health treatment for girls

The inclusion of this popular book in their July "white box" was a "serious, violent, incident," the American Booksellers Association said. Its continued sale on Amazon prompted two employees to quit.

Libby Emmons
19 days ago

Why won't Trudeau denounce the communist Cuban government?

In this thriller of an episode, we go over the situation in Cuba, and more specifically, Canadian leaders’ reactions to the pro-democracy protests.

The Post Millennial
20 days ago

New emojis include 'pregnant man' and 'pregnant person'

The emoji board is meeting again to add new symbols to the emoji language. Among those up for review this year are a "pregnant man" and "pregnant person."

Libby Emmons
21 days ago

Demi Lovato is working with trans activist who called little girls 'kinky'

Old posts have resurfaced that allegedly show famous trans activist Alok Vaid-Menon referring to little girls as “kinky” as well as seemingly excusing sexual assault against them.

Blaire White
22 days ago

UFC star Beneil Dariush talks to Candace Owens about the evils of Marxism

In the latest episode of Candace, firebrand Daily Wire host Candace Owens interviews UFC fighter Beneil Dariush, who dedicated a recent victory to all those who have been hurt globally by Marxist ideologies.

Mia Cathell
Privacy and free speech are under attack.
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