How virtue-signaling orthodoxy and the latest inquisition have taken over discourse

Our current political challenge is not to see that racism persists constantly at all levels of cultural and political life, but to admit that it doesn’t.

Julian Vigo

Standing up for JK Rowling gets YA author Gillian Philip cancelled

Scottish author Gillian Philip of the Warrior Cats series was sacked by her employer, Working Partners, for standing up for JK Rowling on Twitter.

Erin Perse

Seattle officials worked hard to appease BLM and Antifa occupiers

As opposed to treating the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) as an armed takeover of the city, Seattle officials saw it as an opportunity.

Ari Hoffman

Making room for foster children during the pandemic

Hundreds of thousands of children in the foster care system are being forced to brave this unprecedented crisis without the comfort of a stable home or loving guardians.

Melissa Buck

Why are teenage girls afraid to become women? A new book explains their flight from biological reality

Shrier’s book is an enormously positive contribution to this fierce battle for children’s right to bodily and mental protection from harmful influence.

Barbara Kay

Schools need to open—but parents must call out what's being taught

As we demand that schools reopen, we need to tell schools that our kids shouldn't be the subject of a sociological experiment as to how to make the most woke child.

Libby Emmons

The WE Charity scandal will sink the Trudeau ship

We now have a direct record of WE giving money to Trudeau’s family members in the years leading up to Trudeau’s decision to give them a massive government contract.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Conservatives must be vocal in opposing racism—but not with the language of the left

While we all oppose racism, the left has successfully framed the discussion to exclusively discuss racism within the white population.

Chad Felix Greene

Alberta Law Society embraces politically correct cancel culture

Faced with baseless NDP claims about a "racist" Aboriginal scholar and lawyer who represents people harmed by residential schools, Jason Kenney’s UCP government folded like a cheap tent.

John Carpay

SPLC launches hit piece on Jack Posobiec, prominent Jews stand up for him

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has recently taken aim at Jack Posobiec of One America News (OANN), charging him with ties to "far-right extremists" and targeting "Jewish journalists with antisemitic hate."

Collin Jones

Seattle schools prioritize access for 'students furthest from educational justice' and 'students of color'

Per the guidelines, "students furthest from educational justice," and "students of colour" would be given priority on returning to school for face-to-face instruction.

Ari Hoffman

WATCH: West Vancouver Police to investigate tire marks on LGBT crosswalk as 'gesture of hate'

Police video shows a black vehicle that is "suspected of leaving tire marks across a portion of the pride crosswalk at the intersection" outside of the police station.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Black Lives Matter stands against Israel

BLM protests have continued their call for defunding police departments, but they have since added a new target for their anger— the Jewish state of Israel.

Ari Hoffman

City of Seattle teaches white employees to 'undo their whiteness' in bizarre 'diversity training' sessions

If a white employee speaks too much, that’s "imposition" or "paternalism." If a white employee speaks too little, "silence" is also "violence."

Mia Cathell

JK Rowling is right—turning gay children into straight members of the opposite sex is conversion therapy

Arguing that gender nonconforming behavior in gay people means they are the other sex and require a complete change of their physical body in order to be “cured” is conversion therapy.

Chad Felix Greene