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5 hours ago

Rolling Stone claims unvaccinated NBA players are conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers in political hit piece

According to a new report by Rolling Stone, the NBA is running out of patience with the remaining 10 percent of active players that are unvaccinated.

Ari Hoffman
a day ago

HYPOCRISY: Bevy CEO who fired woman after viral dog park video has history of 'problematic' tweets

Anderson fired Sarley based on Joseph's apparent recommendation. Two powerful men conspired to deprive a woman of her livelihood and reputation, both of whom are hypocrites.

Libby Emmons
2 days ago

Insane article says right-wing comedy is 'no joke,' spreads fear about Gutfeld, Babylon Bee, and Joe Rogan

While left-wing entertainers who claim to be comedians pander to the ruling class, a new segment of comedians have begun to cater to conservatives, and media outlets are taking notice—and taking aim.

Libby Emmons
6 days ago

ACLU redacts RBG quote on abortion to remove 'offensive' mention of women

The ACLU removed that term to appeal to the narrative of trans activists who claim that women are not the only people who can become pregnant.

Libby Emmons
7 days ago

'MISSING WHITE WOMAN SYNDROME': Don Lemon, Joy Reid criticize Gabby Petito story over race

Joy Reid argued that the Petito case is an example of "missing white woman syndrome."

Hannah Nightingale
8 days ago

It's time to remove biological males who identify as transgender from women's prisons

The enactment of Bill C-16, passed under the Trudeau government, allows males who self-identify as females to transfer into women's prisons—no hormones, surgery, or attempt to appear female required.

Amy Eileen Hamm
9 days ago

WATCH: New footage shows AOC being waited on by masked 'servant class' before Met Gala

The video shows AOC walking into the room wearing her now-notorious "Tax the Rich" ball gown, while masked attendants and staff tell her how beautiful she looks.

Libby Emmons
11 days ago

Seattle to require vaccine passports for bars, restaurants, gyms, and other entertainment venues

The new restrictions require all individuals in King County, Wash., ages 12 and up, to provide either proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test to enter both indoor and outdoor settings.

Katie Daviscourt
12 days ago

Jack Posobiec launches daily show for Human Events and TPUSA, skyrockets to #1 on Apple podcast charts

Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec is now live, and though it only launched this week, it has rocketed to the top of the podcast charts.

Libby Emmons
13 days ago

Majority of black parents oppose critical race theory curriculum: Survey

Fifty-four percent of black parents support removing these lessons, versus 38 percent who voted to keep them.

Nick Monroe
13 days ago

FLASHBACK: Trudeau dodged parliament to implement gun control agenda

By rubber-stamping the OIC, the Trudeau Liberals no longer needed to engage petition e-2341, which called for a formal debate in parliament on proposed gun control measures. This was the most successful formal petition to reach Parliament ever.

Alex Anas Ahmed
14 days ago

Rich elites go maskless, promote 'social justice,' while the servant class must wear masks at Met Gala

A 2-year-old must wear a mask, but AOC and additional glitterati were dressed to the nines and face-mask-free at the annual Met Gala.

Libby Emmons
16 days ago

Trudeau says his party is ‘fiscally responsible’ with no plan to balance the budget

The PBO projected another $2.7 trillion in debt before the Trudeau Liberals balance the budget in 2070, in addition to the current $1 trillion in existing federal debt. Interest charges will cost taxpayers about $3.8 trillion by 2070.

Alex Anas Ahmed
16 days ago

Goodbye forever war, hello forever pandemic

We have the opportunity, right now, to live in a "forever pandemic" or to call out pharmaceutical companies for exploiting a global pandemic to line their own coffers, allowing millions to die abroad.

Matthew Azrieli
17 days ago

Dr. Vipond is wrong to call Alberta a 'failed state' over response to COVID-19

Premier Jason Kenney says, "As Dr. Hinshaw has said, we’re moving from a pandemic to an endemic state of COVID-19."

Alex Anas Ahmed
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