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Natural immunity is effective as against COVID, so why doesn't it count for vaccine mandates?

Why are Canada's federal and provincial governments ignoring the natural immunity that already protects so many people?

John Carpay / Oct 27, 2021

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Critical gender theory is a mistake: Loudoun County school board's cover up of school rape is proof of woke disaster

Those who covered up this rape to protect the rapist were doing so to uphold radical gender ideology and policies that were implemented in schools, backed by that ideology, despite parental objections.

Libby Emmons / Oct 26, 2021

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Calling racism a 'public health crisis' is nothing more than a progressive power grab

For progressives, including those at the New York City Department of Health, any disparate outcomes along racial lines are in and of themselves evidence of racism.

David Marcus / Oct 24, 2021

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Chappelle shines a light on the reality that trans ideologues want everyone to ignore

Photo credit: John Fredricks, Epoch Times. West coast, lesbian, feminist-activist Joey Brite was among these counter protestors at Netflix HQ when a sign was grabbed by a trans activist.

Jennifer Bilek / Oct 24, 2021

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Leftist fact-checkers aim to suppress satire and comedy by claiming it is 'misinformation'

Liberals control culture, government, and institutions across the US. Yet want praise for their efforts, not critique, and they have the media tools to suppress those who speak truth to their power.

Libby Emmons / Oct 17, 2021

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Bring back Latin mass to make the church whole again

The departure from Latin has unintentionally created a divide among the faithful. How much I would rather have no idea what the priest is saying but know the goodness of God in the hearts of the families around me.

Libby Emmons / Oct 10, 2021

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Vaccine mandates create system of segregation for Canadian citizens

Medical apartheid in Canada today cares not about race, but about whether an individual has received the correct number of injections of the experimental mRNA vaccine.

John Carpay / Oct 10, 2021

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In leaderless Seattle, the buck stops with no one

No one is being held responsible or will take responsibility for a disaster that became an international symbol of law and order falling into anarchy.

Ari Hoffman / Oct 10, 2021

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It's not the patriarchy that's keeping women out of the workforce—it's women's choices

Over the years, data has repeatedly shown that women don't really want to bust glass ceilings, they just want one foot in their children's world and another at the office.

Nicole Russell / Oct 10, 2021

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Ben Shapiro and Ana Kasparian debate the fate of American institutions

Shapiro and Kasparian spoke at the PA Chamber of Commerce meeting, and what ensued was a fascinating conversation that, at its core, was about the future of education and trust in the American institution.

Libby Emmons / Oct 5, 2021

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Conservatives stand up for the conscience rights of all Canadians

The Conservative plan seeks to protect conscience rights while encouraging the greater participation of faith-based not-for-profits in end-of-life care who will no longer have to worry about being compelled to participate in euthanasia.

Garnett Genuis / Oct 3, 2021

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Ruling in Keira Bell case means UK gender clinicians will have to think again before prescribing puberty blockers

If a clinician makes the wrong call and prescribes puberty blockers to a child who later desists in their cross-sex identification, and regrets the procedures, they will be at risk of legal action.

Erin Perse / Oct 3, 2021

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Journalism professor violates hate speech rules in comparing Israeli Defense Force to the Mafia

A Sheridan College journalism instructor penned an article in Al Jazeera claiming a similarity between the criminal enterprise known as the Mafia and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Barbara Kay / Oct 3, 2021

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Women have the right to name their bodies

Mentioning women's body parts to the people who have those body parts is considered psychological damaging. This is a far cry from the medical advocacy undertaken by the feminist movement.

Libby Emmons / Sep 30, 2021

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Insane article says right-wing comedy is 'no joke,' spreads fear about Gutfeld, Babylon Bee, and Joe Rogan

While left-wing entertainers who claim to be comedians pander to the ruling class, a new segment of comedians have begun to cater to conservatives, and media outlets are taking notice—and taking aim.

Libby Emmons / Sep 26, 2021

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