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On the mistaken maligning of motherhood

Parenthood and raising children can be something beautiful and valuable — it's not the horror story of destruction and regret that the press and social media are often trying to tell you it is.

Fiona Dodwell / Sep 26, 2021

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How pedophiles are being normalized

Pedophilia as a recognized sexual orientation has gained relevance with a rising number of organizations and academics within the last decade alone.

Erin Holmes / Sep 26, 2021

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University removes alumni photos from 1907 in promise to show 'a more diverse and inclusive vision of engineering'

This decision to pull alumni class photos makes no social-justice sense, let alone common sense, as it runs counter to the paradigm for the cancellation of figures considered "problematic" in the jargon of social justice theory.

Barbara Kay / Sep 21, 2021

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One thing our divided nation can agree on is that everything sucks right now

Our nation is is incredibly divided, and we have different reasons, different ideas of what the cause is, but there's one undeniable fact: things suck way more now than they did before the pandemic.

Libby Emmons / Sep 19, 2021

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Social media sites should enforce tougher age restrictions

After a recent internal social media detailed the negative impact social media sites on its younger users, it becomes clear that it's time for these sites to implement more stringent age restrictions.

Fiona Dodwell / Sep 19, 2021

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America's missed opportunity to unite as a country

Even when we have the opportunity to come together in the face of tragedy, if we even recognize the chance, it is short lived, more often we miss it entirely.

Ari Hoffman / Sep 13, 2021

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America is not immune to authoritarianism

America must be the gold-standard of liberty, and as we sit back and let our government run rough-shod over our rights, we give up the very concept of lasting freedom for the world.

Libby Emmons / Sep 12, 2021

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Vermont's proposed constitutional amendment would commodify women

Fertility industries will prosper as they eat off the backs of women selling their eggs or renting their bodies in commercial surrogacy arrangements. This reduces humans to commodity and product.

Jennifer Lahl and Kallie Fell / Sep 6, 2021

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Ideologues want males in women's space but real people believe in fairness

They keep saying "trans rights are human rights." But when you say to them, "But women's rights are also human rights," their faces go blank and their eyes go dead. They are not programmed for logic.

Barbara Kay / Sep 6, 2021

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Live entertainment needs to make a full come-back

Almost every major touring artist has been forced to cancel their tours, performers who've dedicated their entire lives to the arts were abruptly told to "retrain in a new profession."

Fiona Dodwell / Sep 5, 2021

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Just say 'no' to Zoom first dates

Pushing the most important things in life, like faith, family, and friends to the online space, will make us less human, lonelier, and more depressed than ever before.

Nicole Russell / Sep 5, 2021

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Morrissey and the misguided outrage of his critics

This never-ending quest to undermine one of the most important singer/songwriters of our time tells us much more about the way society is shaping itself into spineless mediocrity.

Fiona Dodwell / Aug 29, 2021

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Brandeis University wants to cushion new students from bad words

Brandeis University in Massachusetts wants to save you from the scary words that may or may not offend you.

Nick Monroe / Aug 25, 2021

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Cuban musician Rudy Sarzo on why he thinks Cubans have a real shot at freedom

Cuban musician Rudy Sarzo recounts life in Cuba during the "revolution," and why he thinks Cubans have a real chance to gain their freedom.

James Anthony / Aug 22, 2021

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It's time for new guidelines on transgender athletes competing in women's sports

Emerging research shows that it is not fair for biological males to compete against women, except in those categories where talent, not biology, is the deciding factor in high performance.

Barbara Kay / Aug 22, 2021

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