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Regional respect is a keystone of the Canadian federation

Self-serving, left-leaning politicians have put their narrow personal and electoral interests above our nation's best interests. They play politics by pitting region against region—like the Bloc have tried to do with this motion.

Damien C. Kurek / Jun 17, 2021

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NBC News is really upset that parents are fighting back against critical race theory

What's really happening here is that the forms of grassroots civic action that have bolstered leftist causes for years upon years are now being taken up by conservatives, and the left doesn't like it one bit.

Libby Emmons / Jun 15, 2021

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I'm glad the Texas valedictorian is mad about abortion

The passage of the Texas heartbeat bill and similar ones throughout the country demonstrate a possible shift American culture might be having on abortion, even if the topic remains polarizing.

Nicole Russell / Jun 12, 2021

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Progressives always demand we 'do the work' on racism—so why does it never work?

We are doing the work. We are doing it nearly constantly. Whether we are children or adults, at school or in the workplace, we are thinking about race.

Libby Emmons / Jun 10, 2021

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After watching local politicians and thousands of protestors mourn a failed genocide of the Jews, is it time to leave Seattle?

I watched thousands in Westlake Park celebrating an attempted genocide of my people. Since then, I have read justifications of the event and the hate in local publications like The Seattle Times.

Ari Hoffman / Jun 7, 2021

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Left-wing media engages in out of control Israel bashing

In this era, the combination of demonization, delegitimation and double standards regarding Israel in the media has a direct link to arousal of antisemitic rhetoric and even antisemitic behaviour.

Barbara Kay / Jun 6, 2021

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Yale's 'kill whitey' speech is not shocking—it's the new normal

A psych professor's speech to Yale Medical School about fantasizing about shooting white people is not shocking—it's exactly what we should expect from higher education.

Libby Emmons / Jun 6, 2021

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CBC defends Pride's call for censorship of local library over book on gender dysphoria

The book is Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters by Abigail Shrier, and a petition was circulated to have it removed from the library. The library refused.

Libby Emmons / Jun 5, 2021

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Theatre professor intent on destroying art in the name of 'antiracist' pedagogy

Less important than creating art, or graduating students who can work in their fields, is to make them into antiracist activists in their personal lives, academic lives, and in their art.

Libby Emmons / Jun 3, 2021

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Former Canadian Ambassador to Israel Jon Allen condemns Israel for defending itself

Does Allen devote any thought to the notion that a society that can't tolerate the other peacefully assembling is not yet able or willing to make peace with the Jewish polity?

Michael A. Schwartz / May 31, 2021

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Five times the US military saved the world

Today as we take account of those who secured those victories that changed the world, it is right and just to take time to consider and be thankful for them.

David Marcus / May 31, 2021

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Poet without a home: Morrissey has been let down by the music industry

It seems inconceivable to his fans that Morrissey still has yet to find a label to work with on his upcoming record, Bonfire of Teenagers.

Fiona Dodwell / May 31, 2021

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Biden's presidency is wreaking havoc on America and it's only going to get worse

Now we've got a president that is letting the border fall apart, is spending money faster than he can print it, and can't get through a speech without sounding like a dotty old grandpa.

Nicole Russell / May 30, 2021

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If you don't 'resign for diversity,' does that make you racist?

A meme was shared as a joke, saying that white people who believe in social justice should "resign for diversity." But while it seems insane right off the bat, it is not a new concept.

Libby Emmons / May 22, 2021

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Head of Canada's progressive 'Anti-Hate' network warns of 'sick rumours of violence aimed at Jews' after recent antisemitic violence

In every major city of North America and Europe, last week's anti-Israel rallies turned ugly in a way we in Canada have not seen before, with rock-throwing, Israel flag burning and outright assaults reported. (Photo: Yanky Pollak)

Barbara Kay / May 22, 2021

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