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Equality Act undermines first amendment protections

The restrictions on speech and conscience folded into the Equality Act would compel individuals to affirm gender identity claims and a belief in human sex change.

Natasha Chart / May 5, 2021

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The 'bad women' fighting gender ideology will stand up for sex-based rights

All of the women who have put their social acceptability, friendships, relationships, jobs—and even their safety—on the line in the fight against gender ideology are a rising tide, so to speak.

Amy Eileen Hamm / May 3, 2021

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WATCH: Artists fights back against COVID restrictions with anti-lockdown film project

She wanted to "leave room for people to consider how this has impacted their lives... This so-called new normal is not a given; at least we don't need to take it."

Libby Emmons / May 2, 2021

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Anti-Trump conservatives who bolstered Biden are to blame for the onslaught of progressive policies

They thought that if AOC said Biden would be an ineffectual president for progressive policies, he would work out just fine. But they were played.

Libby Emmons / May 1, 2021

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Government data shows COVID fears are unfounded—why is Canada so afraid?

As a country, we must treat Covid with the same careful assessment of risk that we as individuals apply to our driving habits.

John Carpay / May 1, 2021

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Fully vaccinated liberals are scared to take masks off out of fear of being labeled 'Republican'

"I guess I'm vaccinated so I don't have to wear a mask outside but … I really don't want people to think I'm a Republican," a woman was overheard to say.

Libby Emmons / May 1, 2021

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Leftists proclaim kids and pets are bad for the environment

All this preening about the environment is cute, but full of pretense and empty yearning: Having babies and owning dogs are the least of our problems, for starters.

Nicole Russell / Apr 29, 2021

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As the media tries to divide America, one conference actually brought people together

America is better and stronger when we celebrate our differences and give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson / Apr 27, 2021

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New England Journal of Medicine erases women, uses the term 'pregnant person'

In their article "Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons," the more than a dozen authors, all of them doctors, refer to "pregnant persons," erasing women.

Libby Emmons / Apr 22, 2021

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Critical race theory and remote learning are making American students stupid

Critical race theory is bad enough, but when paired with remote learning, both become exponentially efficient in assisting each other in lowering standards for American students.

Libby Emmons / Apr 20, 2021

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The Simpsons' lazy, slanderous smearing of Morrissey spells the end of a once great comedy franchise

For Morrissey fans, who would have welcomed a good natured parody, this send-up is not only inaccurate, but lazily executed, poorly scripted, boring, and not even remotely amusing.

Libby Emmons / Apr 19, 2021

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Canadians deserve to see the science behind COVID lockdowns

When asked directly to provide the specific medical and scientific authorities that might justify the violations of our Charter freedoms, governments simply stonewall.

John Carpay / Apr 19, 2021

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Care isn't infrastructure, no matter what Biden and Mother Jones say

Many women do not want to outsource the care of loved ones to government programs primarily staffed by other women who are giving up the care of their children and parents to government programs in order to earn a paycheck.

Libby Emmons / Apr 18, 2021

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Father sentenced to 6 months for violating gag order about child's medical gender transition

In 2021, Canada really is sterilizing lesbian, gay, autistic and depressed children, and calling that "human rights." The false consensus enforced by the courts cannot hold.

Erin Perse / Apr 18, 2021

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Vancouver rally against the medical transition of youth draws large crowd, naked protestors

This fight is bigger than political grievances between those who fancy themselves leftists versus anyone who falls to their right on the political spectrum.

Amy Eileen Hamm / Apr 18, 2021

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